Thursday, June 11, 2009

Short post...I slept in!

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Just did not want to wake up this morning. No pictures, short post. Just giving you a break.

Yesterday was a fun and busy day! Maren enjoyed the Kindergarten walk through she helped at for Cedar Valley. Preston had a good soccer practice. Lillie had a good last dance class and piano lesson. Hansen played with Nick and had a good Piano lesson. And I had a nice bike ride and traveled the area bringing the kids to where they were supposed to be.

While playing at the local park near the home where she takes piano lessons, Lillie met another Lily! Who knew that Lillian was going to be such a popular name?

Today is the Hershey's Track Meet in Auburn. Preston will be competing, and I think Hansen can compete if he wants to. Lillie gets to go play with her friend Emma after school!

See you tomorrow.

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