Wednesday, June 24, 2009

School's out.

Good morning, it it Wednesday.

Yup, yesterday was the last day of school! A day of field days and parties. I helped out with the kindergarten field day a little, the kids were having a great time. I snuck into most of the classes I helped in and said "hi". I was lucky enough to catch Mrs. Radford's class out on the grass enjoying a Popsicle in the sun...yup, I got to join them and even enjoy a Popsicle as well. The picture below captures most of the kids on the way out of the school grounds.
Preston actually missed his last day of school due to being sick. He also missed his class party. His teacher was nice enough to drop his report card off at our house after school. I was giving Preston a hard time (jokingly) about his grades because he got a 4 in absolutely everything, except one Yup, forty five 4s and four 3s (all in health). I figured they went in and changed the health grades when they saw he was sick on the last day of school...or maybe it is just that he thinks that lemon flavored candy is a good source of vitamin C!

Hansen and Lillie also had very good report cards improving each trimester. Hansen thinks he should be getting a dollar for each 4 on his report card, but if we did that for the kids, we would be broke. I think they are going to have to settle on a nice dinner at Zoopa's one of these days.

Yesterday Maren taught a class for the Microsoft campus. The class was audio taped and will be available on podcast for cool is that? Today Maren will be home a little late because she is getting a new chair for her office. The catch is that she has to go to an ergonomics class to learn how to use the chair properly. Snicker.

See you tomorrow.

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