Sunday, June 14, 2009

Recital, carnival.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

I feel like we have had a very full weekend already, and there is still a day to go! Yesterday was Lillie's dance recital. The family was split as Hansen had a baseball game at the same time. I was also assistant coach and snack parent for Hansen's game. Preston decided to go to the baseball, while everyone else headed to the recital. We all met up at John and Carol's house for a nice dinner and hang out time. Sounds like Lillie did great, as did Hansen! At dinner Jack and Avery are finally starting to like me a little. I played tickle monster with them and I think they were a little more on the having fun side than on the terrified side? We will see next time I see them if they run away or come say hi. Lillie went home for an overnight with Stef. The boys spend the night downstairs with a wild monopoly game. This picture is of Lillie getting ready for her recital:

Friday evening was the Grass Lake Carnival. The carnival was SO well attended. The kids had a ton of fun. Lillie spent all her ride tickets on the big bouncy toys and face painting. Hansen went for prizes. When his tickets were used up, he stayed in the free lines until they got tired of him. Preston was kind of elusive. He hung out with tons of friends, but not with us. Sounds like we all had a great time...until Lillie was ready to go home and the boys were not! Below are a few pictures:

I don't know these people, I tried to capture how well attended the carnival was, but not so well. The GL PTA did a great job.
See you tomorrow.

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