Friday, June 19, 2009

Moving up, reptiles, breakfast, baseball and rain.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Today is one of those days where I could blog about many things. This is a big day, and yesterday had its excitement as well. Today is Preston's "moving up" ceremony at Grass Lake. Maren and I have taken the day off of work to attend, but after the short ceremony, we have to get our bums in gear shopping and cleaning for Amber and Aurora to visit from Texas. Preston told me at 6:45 pm last night that he needed to have jeans to wear to his ceremony. No, he did not have any jeans that fit, the last pair of jeans that fit him are now 6 inches too short! That just was not too long ago, and besides, Preston wears shorts everyday of his life. We ran out shopping and found him a pair of jeans and a new shirt. How is this look: Nope, I don't recognize him either. No worries, he will shed these clothes in no seconds flat after school as he is off to Burlington for a soccer tournament as soon as he gets home. Preston is staying with his friend Connor in their hotel room for a couple of nights.

Yesterday we had an assembly at CV where Reptile Man came to the school and showed off reptiles...ew. The principal held a big huge snake as reward to the school for reading minutes. On the way out of the assembly all the kids got to touch an alligator, here is Lillie touching the gator in full need to slow down and enjoy the whole "touching an alligator" thing.
Hansen had a very worrisome assembly. He started the assembly in the middle of the gym in the walk way. Little did he know that right where he was sitting was the isle that the reptiles were being paraded. Over the first half of the show you could see Hansen trading spots with classmates to get farther out of harms way. By the end of the show he was sitting up against the wall in between Mr. Hurley and Ms. Miller still totally uneasy and wishing the day would just end. Hansen kept the nice little girl in the pink shirt exactly in between him and the gator as he walked out the door. No, we did not go to the evening performance to pay money to see the "bigger" snakes and turtles. Just knowing they were a mile from our house was good enough!
The PTA put on a "breakfast for champions" breakfast for the staff of CV yesterday. Lots of great food, thanks PTA. They took this Wheaties box and put Mrs. Hickey's picture on it. Very fun. I have spend more time helping in Mrs. Hickey's class than any other class this year. Preston also had her for 1st grade.
Hansen had his last baseball practice yesterday. Parents vs. kids game! Preston played for the adults and made a couple of good plays. The fields are short and the kids are still green at this game, so we took it easy on them. The last hit of the game was the assistant coach (who still plays fast pitch himself) letting a shot fly farther than any of these kids have ever seen. That was fun. I am sure the kids won!

The rain is back for the first time in nearly 30 days. Seattle missed the record by just two hours. 29 days is the old record and it did not fall as it started raining in Seattle at 10:00 pm last night. I hope it does not rain much for my bike ride this weekend, but it looks like the world will be at least a little wet. Bummer, now I will have to show a little caution going down the big hills.

See you tomorrow.

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Melanie Ostergard said...

Preston looks so handsome in his new outfit.