Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Maren's award and more.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday I did not update my blog because I just didn't have anything to write about. Today I have plenty!

Maren won a fabulous award! A Community Achievement Award for being a good community partner. The plaque reads, "For appreciation of your work to support the success of the children, youth and families of our community". Way to go Maren. Below is a picture of Maren with her award. They misspelled her name on the plaque, but they said it correctly when announcing it at the big fancy luncheon yesterday!

Hansen had an ear check up to see how his ears are healing and stuff from a childhood with ear tubes. The side that had the permanent ear tube removed has healed perfectly, the side that still had a small hole still has a small hole. His hearing is perfect in both ears which is the main thing. Some day he will need another procedure to fill the hole that will not close up. He is in no hurry.
Preston still has plenty of homework as the year draws to a close. He does his homework with like 5 windows open. He has his two word documents that he flips back and forth between, but he also has youtube and itunes going just so he does not loose focus.
Yesterday we had a few small power failures at school, I took my word study group outside to read a few books. Lillie showed me after school that she got to go outside and play with sidewalk chalk. Here is a picture of the alphabet she wrote along with her name.
Yesterday it was 88 degrees at our house. HOT! And today is slated to be hotter. Below is a picture of one third of our AC system. The other two thirds of the AC system are similar box fans also purchased from garage sales strategically placed around the house to give a fake sense that the house is cooling. I am not complaining...I just hated the long cold winter, but I am finding that 81 degrees is about perfect for me.
See you tomorrow.


Melanie Ostergard said...

Yeah for Maren! Yeah for Hansen's ears. Sounds like Preston's study habits mirror his mother's :)

Stay cool.

homeless travelers said...

Way to go Maren!!