Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hershey's State Track Meet, Kraig is 40.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

The boys and I left Friday afternoon to go to the State Finals Hershey's Track Meet. Check in was Friday evening along with many cool things that the the City of Olympia had set up for the Hershey's athletes and their families. This picture is us just arriving at the park where registration was held. We also were fed a very good spaghetti dinner in a big hall in Olympia, then we ventured to a free rock climbing wall for the kids to play on, we did not stand in line for the bouncy toys and face painting because the lines were just too darn long. The amount of work put into this track meet was amazing.

Because we were going down Friday evening to enjoy the festivities, we decided to stay at the Redlion in Olympia. Maren used to get us a screaming deal. After enough time in the city, we headed to the hotel. The pool is outdoors, and the water was very cold. The picture is of my feet relaxing while Hansen swims in the pool. Preston finally got in the water, but he takes after me in the whole "getting into cold water really sucks" world, so he missed the picture...just imagine him shivering to the left of the shot.
This picture was taken with the panoramic feature of my cell phone camera. It is 3 pictures in one. This was the parade of athletes at the beginning of the meet. You can see Preston and Hansen holding the Auburn banner (they qualified at the Auburn meet) in the right center of the shot, but you may have to bigify the picture...then scroll to the right to see the rest of the picture. Just tons of kids. Every kids must wear the provided "state finalist" t-shirt and regular shoes. The track meet took much of the day, but was very well done.
Hansen and Preston behind the stands at the warm up area. Also in this area were booths so you could buy any kind of food you wanted. We packed a little food, and the boys each got a jamba juice smoothie. Both the boys were a bit out classed in this event. Preston not yet 13 was running against the best 14 year olds in the state, and it showed. He got beat soundly in the long jump and the 100 m. dash. In the 200 m. he fared better winning his heat, but not even earning a place in the top 8 by the time it was all done. If he does this again next year, he will do much better, the guys who won were quite a bit bigger than Preston and a couple of years older. I told Preston that this was the same for me and why I just gravitated to longer distances, I could keep going and the fastest people could not. I will be curious to see if he goes longer distance as well, or if the fact that he can beat all the Kent kids at any distance is good enough for him. Hansen fared about the same. The kids in every age group were at this meet were very fast. But just because our kids did not win, did not mean they should not have been there, they did very well and by no means came in last. Nice job boys!
On the way home we were able to make it to Kraig's 40th birthday party. It was fun to see a 40th party happen before my own in a few months. There were lots of nice folks and lots of great food, all of us had a great time. Here is Kraig getting ready to blow out the candles. The few candles that there were are shaped into a number 40, but is was still good that Kraig had Miles help him blow out the candles! Kraig got lots of cool biking gear and such. One more person to kick my butt on a bicycle, but rightly so, Kraig was quite an accomplished biker many, many years ago.
See you tomorrow.

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