Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day backwards blog.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

This is kind of a backwards blog. I meant to have the pictures in the opposite order, but this is how they uploaded, and I am not changing it! Also it is not Sunday morning, it is still Saturday evening. Amber, Aurora and Lillie are asleep, Maren is reading, and Hansen is watching a movie at Kole's house. I will be getting him around 10:00 pm, then heading to bed as I have to wake up at 5:00 am to head into Seattle for the LiveSTRONG Challenge. I am a bit concerned about the whole 100 miles and everyone is telling me to just go 40 or 70, but I do want to try for the whole 100. One of my riding friends (who I rode with just last Tuesday) crashed a couple of days ago and broke her arm in two places and needed surgery...that can spook you just a bit, I will try to ride smart. Hope you are doing well Joy, get well soon!

This is a picture of Aurora in the left single stroller along with Jack and Avery in the double stroller. We took a walk after dinner (Taco Time) to the school and had a very nice time.

Amber and Melanie holding their babies...if you can really call these walking, almost talking ever busy little ones babies. It took a few minutes for all the kids to warm up, but they had plenty of happy play time.
Here is Hansen hanging out with his cousin Aurora. Hansen had his last baseball game this morning and had a good game. He had his pizza banquet afterwards and got a trophy as well as an autographed ball from all his teammates. Hansen had a great baseball season and I am sure he will have many more baseball seasons to come, for his age he really showed some skill.
Here is Lillie reading a book to Aurora and Amber. Aurora enjoyed the reading, but was on to something else shortly after. Aurora is very cute and very busy. She goes and goes and goes. Just watching her makes me tired...did I just say that? How can that be? What does that even mean? It means is am getting old, and Aurora knows what she wants and changes gears quickly!
And this is the picture I was going to start the post with: This is a poster Hansen made me for Father's day. His silhouette is very good, right to the hair standing up on the top back of his head and covering his eyes and forhead. Hansen drew pictures of things that come to his mind when he thinks of me. It is very nice, I think you can bigify it to see more details if you want. Thanks Hansen!
And lastly, which is really first since this is a backwards blog, Happy Father's Day Dad! It was nice to talk to you on the phone today, and your card may show up Monday...have fun watching the U. S. Open tomorrow. Happy Father's Day to Maren's dad John, see you at Mel's house after the LiveSTONG Challenge. Happy Father's Day to Grandpa Sandler, we think of you often and hope you are doing great! Happy Father's Day to Chuck, thanks for letting us have Aurora and Amber this weekend.

See you tomorrow.


Grandma and Grandpa Slane said...

Happy Father's Day, Julian! It was nice to talk to you on the phone last night - it's great that Amber and Aurora are getting to visit. Good luck on the Challenge - be safe, and we hope your friend has a speedy recovery.

Amber and Aurora said...

I love the cute pictures on this post! I also like the post, and the backwards nature of it, and the fact that you remembered every father (unlike me on my blog)... and, it's crazy that I'm just now reading it and that I was actually there just a couple days ago!

Anonymous said...

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