Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Five fifty five and fifty five seconds.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Last night Maren worked late again, so I took the kids out to dinner. We were thinking Arby's! We usually end up going out if Maren is working late for multiple days in a row. Maren always would prefer we wait until she is with us, but dude, I was just cooped up with the kids too long! This is a cute picture of Lillie whispering her wish to Preston. Preston asked what time it was at exactly five fifty five and fifty five seconds, so make a wish! Preston told Lillie, "Hey, don't tell people your wishes, they wont come true...but the cats already do that!?!(lots of laughing)" I never found out Lillie's wish, don't want to. I could have taken the exact picture of Lillie trying to sneak a drink of Preston's chocolate milk shake as well. Hansen was to my right and was safe from this type of aggravation by his sister, but they did get into each other's space just fine sitting across from each other.

Today Maren is only working kind of late. Preston has soccer, Lillie has her last dance class before her recital as well as piano lessons with Hansen.

See you tomorrow.

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