Friday, June 05, 2009

"dibs" on the computer!

Good morning, it is Friday.

"I've got dibs!" This is Lillie's favorite saying these days. The whole bike ride home from school her and Hansen try to out "dib" each other. "I've got dibs on the downstairs bathroom...I've got dibs on the computer...I've got dibs on the Wii...I've got dibs on the upstairs bathroom..." and on and on. This works out in Hansen's favor usually because he is just too tricky for Lillie, but she is catching on fast. She does have a tendency to get her nose bent quite easily, so once she grows just a little thicker skin toward Hansen, she will be back to her right full place as ruler of the world (that is for you Amber. Aurora may want to rule the world...but I think it is already Lillie's world. I guess our worlds are far enough apart that they can both rule!)

This picture is of Lillie holding an ice-pack to her head due to a Wii related injury. Her story is that she needed the remote and the nun chuck attachment to run super fast while playing some game that she had "dibs" on, then somehow the remote whacked her right in the forehead. Game over...dibs karma is a bummer.
Hansen had baseball practice yesterday in the 90 degree weather. He had a great time and hit a few very long balls. Lillie usually comes and plays with the three little girls who were wondering just where Lillie was yesterday. Lillie thought it was just too hot and decided to stay home with her mom. When I was leaving I asked Lillie, "What are you and mom going to do while we are at baseball?" "Put on make-up!" she answered. I could not tell if Maren was smiling or groaning at that point, but this is who we came home to: Tiaras and make-up!
See you tomorrow.

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