Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Biking, Wax Museum

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Last night I went for a bike ride with a friend from work and a few others. I have not ridden with more than just another person, so it was fun. This group is very fast compared to what I usually ride. We went 28.5 miles on a very hilly, windy ride and I averaged 16 mph. The fastest of our group averaged closer to 17 mph, but had to wait for me just a bit. A faster, lighter bike with clip in pedals and I would have been right with them...better fitness would not have hurt either. For this weekend's LiveStrong ride I will slow things down to my usual 14 mph and do just fine. It is amazing how much harder it is to average just a couple mphs faster when your only power is pedaling.

The picture below is Preston finishing his Pele homework. I tried to add this after typing, and it does not work well that way for me. Sorry about all the strange formating...hey, no strange formating! I moved things around in the "edit html" section and it worked!

Tonight we do not have dance class. Yup, the year is over and Lillie gets a break. We do however have piano classes as well as a school function called the Wax Museum. Preston and much of his school made a science fair type project on a famous or influential person and tonight they dress the dress and show off their projects. Preston chose famous soccer player Pele, so dressing like a soccer player? Not a stretch at all.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber and Aurora said...

So, you don't clip in, and you probably wear regular t-shirt and shorts, huh... if you got serious you could spend some serious money but you could seriously kick butt!

This coming from somebody who doesn't own a bike ;) But I like to think I sort of know what's up! I'm excited for the weekend!!!