Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bike safey rodeo.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Last night was the bike safety rodeo at Cedar Valley. Huge turn out, huge success. I was talking to a fellow I know from the golf world who was one of the fire fighters working the event and he said it was bigger turnout than the one they had in the Walmart parking lot last Saturday!

Maren was working late, and Preston was at soccer, but Hansen, Lillie and I were there! Also Maren's bicycle got to be part of the excitement as Mrs. Kawaoka borrowed her bicycle for the event. Mrs. Kawaoka is an avid road biker with a road bike way too nice to be just left to the side for kids to step on. You may remember back when I was just starting my road biking that she passed me quite quickly and showed me who was boss when I foolishly called her "slow poke!"...well, yesterday I got my revenge. Yup, beat her in the "slow race". I can go so slow that I am not even moving thanks to good balance and bicycle skills, it is the going fast for a very long distance I struggle with. This picture is of Mrs. Kawaoka on Maren's bicycle.

Before any kids could enter the obstacle course, the police/fire department fitted their helmets and such. Here is Lillie getting ready to ride.
Hansen and Lillie in line. This is the front of the line after a dozen kids have already been let on the course, there are still another 20 or so kids behind them. I rode the course on my bike, and brought my uni-cycle for fun. But there were so many kids that the adults did very little riding or goofing off. This was a very well run event. They also had helmets on sale for $7.00 each, so I bought Hansen, Lillie and myself a back up helmet. At the end of the obstacle course there were root beer floats for all participants, and after that there was a raffle where a couple kids won bicycles! Lillie won a fuzzy Bratz coloring poster and Hansen won a pack of cards!
When we got home it was time to plant the tomatoes. Here is Hansen and Lillie happy to help in the garden.
See you tomorrow.

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