Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day camp, cookie dough.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday Hansen and Lillie had a nice and very active day at Camp Berachah. Lillie chose to go swimming and did lots of fun stuff, Hansen chose some game over swimming and did lots of fun stuff. Lillie was not feeling 100%, and was so tired after camp that she crashed on the couch for the rest of the day!

Yesterday I brought back our recalled tub of cookie dough. Doh! I know it is recalled and all, but I almost had to have a bite before bringing it back. The clerk at Costco asked if we purchased the tub during the coupon sale, I told him that if there had been a coupon sale in the past, then Yes I am sure we did, but check anyhow. Took the clerk like two seconds to find exactly when we purchased and how much we paid for said tub of cookie dough, and yes, it was purchased with a coupon. These computers can find out anything!
Today is day two of summer camp. Hansen is excited, Lillie is not so sure, depends on how she feels when she wakes up. Preston came home yesterday from a second day of boating with his friends just in time for soccer practice. We have hardly seen him at all the last few days, but he says that Austin's family is "cool" so I guess it is all good.
See you tomorrow.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Zoopa, Maren/Carol shopping.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday we took the kids along with Maren's parents out to Zoopa. We went at the exact same time as a few Sundays ago, and sat at the same table, saw all the same employees, and had an equally fine time. Lillie got to come this time and enjoyed the restaurant very much.
After Zoopa, Maren and her mom went on a Mom/Daughter shopping spree. Lillie was hoping she could come too, but she had to stick with the kids. Sounds like they had a nice time and shopped for all things "smelly-good smelly", and "comfy". Maren came home with a bag of smelly soaps and a bag of clothes. This is a picture of one of her finds: A brand new (store tags still on) Disney Land sweatshirt from Goodwill.
I was originally going to take the kids out for a movie but I could not get a plan together without at least one kid objector, so we just came home. This worked great for Preston as shortly after we got home he was invited with a few friends to go boating at Lake Meridian. And in true Preston style, he and his friend turned a day of boating into an overnight. We will see Preston sometime later this morning.

This morning Hansen and Lillie get to go to Camp Berachach for day camp. They will go this whole week from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Should be a great time for them. I may go hit the driving range, well see.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hershey's State Track Meet, Kraig is 40.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

The boys and I left Friday afternoon to go to the State Finals Hershey's Track Meet. Check in was Friday evening along with many cool things that the the City of Olympia had set up for the Hershey's athletes and their families. This picture is us just arriving at the park where registration was held. We also were fed a very good spaghetti dinner in a big hall in Olympia, then we ventured to a free rock climbing wall for the kids to play on, we did not stand in line for the bouncy toys and face painting because the lines were just too darn long. The amount of work put into this track meet was amazing.

Because we were going down Friday evening to enjoy the festivities, we decided to stay at the Redlion in Olympia. Maren used priceline.com to get us a screaming deal. After enough time in the city, we headed to the hotel. The pool is outdoors, and the water was very cold. The picture is of my feet relaxing while Hansen swims in the pool. Preston finally got in the water, but he takes after me in the whole "getting into cold water really sucks" world, so he missed the picture...just imagine him shivering to the left of the shot.
This picture was taken with the panoramic feature of my cell phone camera. It is 3 pictures in one. This was the parade of athletes at the beginning of the meet. You can see Preston and Hansen holding the Auburn banner (they qualified at the Auburn meet) in the right center of the shot, but you may have to bigify the picture...then scroll to the right to see the rest of the picture. Just tons of kids. Every kids must wear the provided "state finalist" t-shirt and regular shoes. The track meet took much of the day, but was very well done.
Hansen and Preston behind the stands at the warm up area. Also in this area were booths so you could buy any kind of food you wanted. We packed a little food, and the boys each got a jamba juice smoothie. Both the boys were a bit out classed in this event. Preston not yet 13 was running against the best 14 year olds in the state, and it showed. He got beat soundly in the long jump and the 100 m. dash. In the 200 m. he fared better winning his heat, but not even earning a place in the top 8 by the time it was all done. If he does this again next year, he will do much better, the guys who won were quite a bit bigger than Preston and a couple of years older. I told Preston that this was the same for me and why I just gravitated to longer distances, I could keep going and the fastest people could not. I will be curious to see if he goes longer distance as well, or if the fact that he can beat all the Kent kids at any distance is good enough for him. Hansen fared about the same. The kids in every age group were at this meet were very fast. But just because our kids did not win, did not mean they should not have been there, they did very well and by no means came in last. Nice job boys!
On the way home we were able to make it to Kraig's 40th birthday party. It was fun to see a 40th party happen before my own in a few months. There were lots of nice folks and lots of great food, all of us had a great time. Here is Kraig getting ready to blow out the candles. The few candles that there were are shaped into a number 40, but is was still good that Kraig had Miles help him blow out the candles! Kraig got lots of cool biking gear and such. One more person to kick my butt on a bicycle, but rightly so, Kraig was quite an accomplished biker many, many years ago.
See you tomorrow.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and us.

Good Morning, it is Friday.

This blog is about our lives and I don't usually put stuff in the news on this blog, but Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett dying on the same day...Wow. Maren said she was at the grocery store on the way home from work and all anyone was talking about was the death of these two generation X icons. Same with all the news stations, and as it should be.

Back to us:

Today we just hung out at home. Hansen and Lillie played outside a little with friends, but mostly just hung out. Preston stepped outside for the first time since Monday. The picture below is what summer lunches look like. I think all three kids enjoyed eating with their friends at school more than at home, but this works. Next week summer kicks in around here as Hansen and Lillie get to go to a day camp at Camp Berachah.

Lillie really liked this drawing, so I took a picture. Her and Preston had fun deciding which part of the picture to erase first once Lillie realized we just could not keep it on the white board forever. I think they started from the center and spiraled outward.
This afternoon I am taking the boys to Olympia for the Hershey's Track Meet, State Competitions. Preston qualified for the Long Jump, the 100 Meeter dash, and the 200 Meeter dash. While Hansen qualified for the long jump and the 50 meeter dash. We are actually going to stay in a hotel in Olympia tonight because tonight is check in for the meet as well as lots of fun activities this evening. The meet starts at like 9:00am in the morning and goes all day long. We hope Preston is well enough to run his best, but more than that, it should be a fun day. Maren and Lillie will be left home for a fun evening doing whatever girls do.
See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

School's out.

Good morning, it it Wednesday.

Yup, yesterday was the last day of school! A day of field days and parties. I helped out with the kindergarten field day a little, the kids were having a great time. I snuck into most of the classes I helped in and said "hi". I was lucky enough to catch Mrs. Radford's class out on the grass enjoying a Popsicle in the sun...yup, I got to join them and even enjoy a Popsicle as well. The picture below captures most of the kids on the way out of the school grounds.
Preston actually missed his last day of school due to being sick. He also missed his class party. His teacher was nice enough to drop his report card off at our house after school. I was giving Preston a hard time (jokingly) about his grades because he got a 4 in absolutely everything, except one topic...health. Yup, forty five 4s and four 3s (all in health). I figured they went in and changed the health grades when they saw he was sick on the last day of school...or maybe it is just that he thinks that lemon flavored candy is a good source of vitamin C!

Hansen and Lillie also had very good report cards improving each trimester. Hansen thinks he should be getting a dollar for each 4 on his report card, but if we did that for the kids, we would be broke. I think they are going to have to settle on a nice dinner at Zoopa's one of these days.

Yesterday Maren taught a class for the Microsoft campus. The class was audio taped and will be available on podcast for microsofters...how cool is that? Today Maren will be home a little late because she is getting a new chair for her office. The catch is that she has to go to an ergonomics class to learn how to use the chair properly. Snicker.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pie in the face day-last day of school!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Today is the last day of school! Last Friday was Preston's 6th grade moving up ceremony where he received half a dozen awards. Yesterday was an awards ceremony at C.V. The only award the K-3 group was eligible for was an award for Cheetah Readers. Both Hansen and Lillie were in the top 20 of the school, so Lillie got to go to the awards assembly. The third graders got to be there just to see what they could earn the next few years by being good citizens. Towards the end of school it was "pie in the teacher's face" time. The more minutes read, the more teachers with pie in the face. There were 7 or 8 teachers for the pie including Mr. Golden, Principal. The top readers were randomly drawn to toss the pies. Hansen got to throw the pie in the AD's face. Hansen took the task literally. We went up, got the pie, then took two big steps back (all the kids were screaming the whole time, but it got a bit louder when he took his steps back) and let it rip. The pic below is Mrs. Magee removing the pie as Hansen surveys is work. This whole "pie in the face" was very fun, I am sure there will be more teachers volunteering next year.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I completed all 100 miles of the LiveSTRONG Challenge!

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was the LiveSTRONG Challenge. It finally came, and I am thrilled to report that I did make it the whole 100 miles! Not really sure how as I was spent at 50 miles, but just kept on going. Amber and Aurora where there as well as they had plenty of stuff to do like ride in the special persons pedi-cabs for the 5-K walk, hang out with other LAF staff, working when Aurora napped in the stroller, check out the Children's museum, and wait for me to finish. The picture below is taken by me of the folks in front of me at the starting line, the line back was even longer.
My ride was not uneventful at times, but mostly very long and hard. There were great check points about every 15 miles and I had a half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at each one, as well as refilling my two water bottles with Gatorade. I made it up the first big hill (and when I say big, I mean very steep and very long) at about 40 miles into the race no trouble and kept on pedaling. The next big hill was at about 70 miles, this one worse than the first. I had no shame in walking most of the hill. This is where my tennis shoes where handy (I had lots of comments from other bikers about my tennis shoes, i may have been the only 100 miler not wearing biking shoes with clip-in pedals). At what looked like the top of the second hill a guy dressed like the devil was cheering people on telling them, "just 25 more meters to the summit!", only you turned the corner and the hill just kept going, lots of cursing the devil! Then just after the 70 mile rest stop it started to thunder, lightning, rain and hail very hard. I got a thin plastic poncho from a volunteer and was very thankful. 20 miles later I had a flat front tire. I had a spare tube in my gear and a volunteer with a pump helped me out. Then the sun came back out and I only had 10 miles left, so I kept on going. Here is the picture of my odometer, 7 hours and 40 minutes riding my bike, just over 100 miles (my odometer may be a percent off), an the time was 4:00 pm when I finished, we started at 7:00 am, I must have spent 1 hour and 20 minutes at rest stops and fixing my flat tire.
Here is me after the finish. Amber took more pictures with her camera, so we will have to check her blog in a few days. Today she is with Mel and the twins, then flying home tonight. We had a very nice visit with Amber and Aurora, glad they were able to come out.
Who know if I will every try for a century (100 miles) again, but I am sure glad to say I have done it.

Thanks to everyone who supported my ride, we raised a lot of money for the LAF to help support folks going through and living with cancer.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day backwards blog.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

This is kind of a backwards blog. I meant to have the pictures in the opposite order, but this is how they uploaded, and I am not changing it! Also it is not Sunday morning, it is still Saturday evening. Amber, Aurora and Lillie are asleep, Maren is reading, and Hansen is watching a movie at Kole's house. I will be getting him around 10:00 pm, then heading to bed as I have to wake up at 5:00 am to head into Seattle for the LiveSTRONG Challenge. I am a bit concerned about the whole 100 miles and everyone is telling me to just go 40 or 70, but I do want to try for the whole 100. One of my riding friends (who I rode with just last Tuesday) crashed a couple of days ago and broke her arm in two places and needed surgery...that can spook you just a bit, I will try to ride smart. Hope you are doing well Joy, get well soon!

This is a picture of Aurora in the left single stroller along with Jack and Avery in the double stroller. We took a walk after dinner (Taco Time) to the school and had a very nice time.

Amber and Melanie holding their babies...if you can really call these walking, almost talking ever busy little ones babies. It took a few minutes for all the kids to warm up, but they had plenty of happy play time.
Here is Hansen hanging out with his cousin Aurora. Hansen had his last baseball game this morning and had a good game. He had his pizza banquet afterwards and got a trophy as well as an autographed ball from all his teammates. Hansen had a great baseball season and I am sure he will have many more baseball seasons to come, for his age he really showed some skill.
Here is Lillie reading a book to Aurora and Amber. Aurora enjoyed the reading, but was on to something else shortly after. Aurora is very cute and very busy. She goes and goes and goes. Just watching her makes me tired...did I just say that? How can that be? What does that even mean? It means is am getting old, and Aurora knows what she wants and changes gears quickly!
And this is the picture I was going to start the post with: This is a poster Hansen made me for Father's day. His silhouette is very good, right to the hair standing up on the top back of his head and covering his eyes and forhead. Hansen drew pictures of things that come to his mind when he thinks of me. It is very nice, I think you can bigify it to see more details if you want. Thanks Hansen!
And lastly, which is really first since this is a backwards blog, Happy Father's Day Dad! It was nice to talk to you on the phone today, and your card may show up Monday...have fun watching the U. S. Open tomorrow. Happy Father's Day to Maren's dad John, see you at Mel's house after the LiveSTONG Challenge. Happy Father's Day to Grandpa Sandler, we think of you often and hope you are doing great! Happy Father's Day to Chuck, thanks for letting us have Aurora and Amber this weekend.

See you tomorrow.

Amber and Aurora are in the house.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Last night my sister Amber and he daughter Aurora flew up from Austin TX. Reports are that the flight was just fine and Amber got to fly with friends who are working the LiveSTRONG Challenge. This picture is of Lillie greeting Amber and Aurora in the airport.

Hansen was especially happy to see Auntie Amber. The only thing is that Hansen was kind of in Amber's space...snuggling on the couch, on the chair while Amber checks e-mail.
Aurora waking up on Austin time. Getting used to our house at 6:00am in the morning! This picture looks like Aurora was just sitting quietly playing with Sponge Bob golf balls, but I can tell you that it is looks only. Aurora is very excited to be here and can go from 0 to going quickly.
Today is Hansen's last baseball game and banquet. At some point in the day I will also be going into Seattle to pick up my rider's packet for tomorrow's LiveSTRONG Challenge.
See you tomorrow.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Moving up, reptiles, breakfast, baseball and rain.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Today is one of those days where I could blog about many things. This is a big day, and yesterday had its excitement as well. Today is Preston's "moving up" ceremony at Grass Lake. Maren and I have taken the day off of work to attend, but after the short ceremony, we have to get our bums in gear shopping and cleaning for Amber and Aurora to visit from Texas. Preston told me at 6:45 pm last night that he needed to have jeans to wear to his ceremony. No, he did not have any jeans that fit, the last pair of jeans that fit him are now 6 inches too short! That just was not too long ago, and besides, Preston wears shorts everyday of his life. We ran out shopping and found him a pair of jeans and a new shirt. How is this look: Nope, I don't recognize him either. No worries, he will shed these clothes in no seconds flat after school as he is off to Burlington for a soccer tournament as soon as he gets home. Preston is staying with his friend Connor in their hotel room for a couple of nights.

Yesterday we had an assembly at CV where Reptile Man came to the school and showed off reptiles...ew. The principal held a big huge snake as reward to the school for reading minutes. On the way out of the assembly all the kids got to touch an alligator, here is Lillie touching the gator in full stride...no need to slow down and enjoy the whole "touching an alligator" thing.
Hansen had a very worrisome assembly. He started the assembly in the middle of the gym in the walk way. Little did he know that right where he was sitting was the isle that the reptiles were being paraded. Over the first half of the show you could see Hansen trading spots with classmates to get farther out of harms way. By the end of the show he was sitting up against the wall in between Mr. Hurley and Ms. Miller still totally uneasy and wishing the day would just end. Hansen kept the nice little girl in the pink shirt exactly in between him and the gator as he walked out the door. No, we did not go to the evening performance to pay money to see the "bigger" snakes and turtles. Just knowing they were a mile from our house was good enough!
The PTA put on a "breakfast for champions" breakfast for the staff of CV yesterday. Lots of great food, thanks PTA. They took this Wheaties box and put Mrs. Hickey's picture on it. Very fun. I have spend more time helping in Mrs. Hickey's class than any other class this year. Preston also had her for 1st grade.
Hansen had his last baseball practice yesterday. Parents vs. kids game! Preston played for the adults and made a couple of good plays. The fields are short and the kids are still green at this game, so we took it easy on them. The last hit of the game was the assistant coach (who still plays fast pitch himself) letting a shot fly farther than any of these kids have ever seen. That was fun. I am sure the kids won!

The rain is back for the first time in nearly 30 days. Seattle missed the record by just two hours. 29 days is the old record and it did not fall as it started raining in Seattle at 10:00 pm last night. I hope it does not rain much for my bike ride this weekend, but it looks like the world will be at least a little wet. Bummer, now I will have to show a little caution going down the big hills.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Early Father's Day, King Julien.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday Lillie brought home her father's day gift that she made me from school. Yes, she was supposed to wait until Sunday to give it to me. But she just could not wait. The bag in her backpack was just killing her. She did wait until last night but then gave in. She made me a nice hand colored and written card. The front and back covers are the first picture, the picture is of Lillie and me planting tomato plants in the garden. The front cover she even signed her name in cursive writing!

This is the inside two pages. The first is going to the park, the second is reading a pony princess book! Hey, pony princess books are not too bad. The handmade key chain is also part of the gift. Lillie explained the pattern she used and everything. Thanks Lillie.
Yesterday was also the last day I officially go into the classrooms at work. I may still go help a teacher or two for an hour or two, but my inventory and cleanup come first. I enjoy going into the classrooms to help, it is the best part of my job in general. Kids today have no idea who Julian Lennon was (who I was named after), but they do know this Julien. In one of my second grade classes word got out that my first name is Julian, and for the rest of the week a handful of kids would call me King Julien, from the Madagascar cartoon. I am the goofy one in the back giving a peace sign. Luckily a long weekend came around and the kids all seemed to forget before I ever had to give a stern, "I am Mr. Slane at school, thank you!"

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Biking, Wax Museum

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Last night I went for a bike ride with a friend from work and a few others. I have not ridden with more than just another person, so it was fun. This group is very fast compared to what I usually ride. We went 28.5 miles on a very hilly, windy ride and I averaged 16 mph. The fastest of our group averaged closer to 17 mph, but had to wait for me just a bit. A faster, lighter bike with clip in pedals and I would have been right with them...better fitness would not have hurt either. For this weekend's LiveStrong ride I will slow things down to my usual 14 mph and do just fine. It is amazing how much harder it is to average just a couple mphs faster when your only power is pedaling.

The picture below is Preston finishing his Pele homework. I tried to add this after typing, and it does not work well that way for me. Sorry about all the strange formating...hey, no strange formating! I moved things around in the "edit html" section and it worked!

Tonight we do not have dance class. Yup, the year is over and Lillie gets a break. We do however have piano classes as well as a school function called the Wax Museum. Preston and much of his school made a science fair type project on a famous or influential person and tonight they dress the dress and show off their projects. Preston chose famous soccer player Pele, so dressing like a soccer player? Not a stretch at all.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

These shorts don't fit!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Last night while Preston was at soccer practice, the rest of us headed to V.V. for a quick shorts/tee shirt shopping trip. Hansen was our main concern, but Lillie loves to shop, so you know she will get the best stuff. We have been busy handing down clothes, weeding through items that don't fit, and putting away winter stuff. Hansen and Preston have about the same size waist, but Preston is like a foot and a half taller. So while some shorts fit both, Preston likes his super long and the shirts could never be shared. I have had a couple pairs of shorts from years ago sitting in the bottom of my shorts drawer just hoping I fit them again some day. Well, I am in decent shape for me with all the biking I have been doing and such, but the shorts just don't fit...so I decided to give them to Preston, after all, we wear almost the same size shirts and shoes and he is within about an inch of my height. I had him try them on, and here are the results:

The first picture is me not being able to come close to buttoning these shorts...the second picture is the same exact shorts on Preston. Looks like he is in a "lost half my weight" advertisement. Crazy skinny that kid is!

I really did not expect the shorts to be that too big for Preston. Maybe wear a belt, but this is rediculous. We had a good laugh...me about how thin Preston is, Preston about how not thin I am!
The next picture is a sad picture for Preston. Hansen found a FC Barcelona jersey at V.V. in a youth XL. I told him we would buy it for Preston as it is his very favorite soccer team and if it did not fit, it would be Hansen's. Well, Preston could not even get his arm through. He was laughing it up, but I can tell you that he hates Hansen sporting around a FC Barcelona jersey when it is his favorite team. Preston does not really like Hansen copying his sports or his music, but of course Hansen does!
See you tomorrow.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Stef's, haircut, Zoopa, UW bookstore.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Saturday night Lillie got to spend the night at Stef's place. Sounds like she had a wonderful time. New fingernail and toenail polish, plenty of candy, a doll fashion head to work on fancy hairstyles, and of course...new WSU tattoos. After we got home we decided it was time to get Lillie a new haircut. She wanted really short, but still wanted the ability to put in a ponytail. This is how it came out, I think it looks very nice. I took Lillie and Preston for a bike ride in the evening and Lillie did not like the way her shorter hair did not stay behind her ears as well, she said "I wish my hair would stay behind my ears better. But I know, I got what I wanted...hmf"

On the way to pick up Lillie, we decided to go out to lunch at Zoopa. I had never actually eaten there in my life even though I think both my mom and brother worked there at one time. I really did not think the boys would even like it. We purchased meal tickets from a school auction and used the tickets. Anyhow, it was great! Hansen and Preston think it is the best restaurant they have ever been in! We all ate way too much...buffet style. I told them of the time at King's Table back when Amber was Lillie's age and I was Preston's age that Amber had eaten so much that she had to lie down on the floor in the isle "to make room". Preston agreed that if Lillie had been there and lied down on the ground groaning about being too full, that he wouldn't know what to think either.
We stopped by the Husky Store in Bellevue on the way to pick up Lillie. Hansen wanted an advance on all the allowances for the rest of his life! Maren was kind enough to step into the picture as well.
See you tomorrow.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Recital, carnival.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

I feel like we have had a very full weekend already, and there is still a day to go! Yesterday was Lillie's dance recital. The family was split as Hansen had a baseball game at the same time. I was also assistant coach and snack parent for Hansen's game. Preston decided to go to the baseball, while everyone else headed to the recital. We all met up at John and Carol's house for a nice dinner and hang out time. Sounds like Lillie did great, as did Hansen! At dinner Jack and Avery are finally starting to like me a little. I played tickle monster with them and I think they were a little more on the having fun side than on the terrified side? We will see next time I see them if they run away or come say hi. Lillie went home for an overnight with Stef. The boys spend the night downstairs with a wild monopoly game. This picture is of Lillie getting ready for her recital:

Friday evening was the Grass Lake Carnival. The carnival was SO well attended. The kids had a ton of fun. Lillie spent all her ride tickets on the big bouncy toys and face painting. Hansen went for prizes. When his tickets were used up, he stayed in the free lines until they got tired of him. Preston was kind of elusive. He hung out with tons of friends, but not with us. Sounds like we all had a great time...until Lillie was ready to go home and the boys were not! Below are a few pictures:

I don't know these people, I tried to capture how well attended the carnival was, but not so well. The GL PTA did a great job.
See you tomorrow.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hershey's Track Meet, Appleby's.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was the Hershey's Track Meet. The "local" event was held at Auburn Riverside High school and was decently attended. Turned out to be a couple of large track teams and a few individuals like Preston and Hansen. The Auburn Parks track team was there, wearing light green, and the Renton Parks track team was there wearing dark blue. It was no problem to spot Hansen in orange and Preston in light blue. Both boys got to compete in three events. The first two in each event get to go to the state meet in Olympia if the schedule works out, I hear the state meet is huge. Preston got first in the 100m with a time of 12.75 seconds, 2nd in the 200m with a time of 28.57 seconds, and first in the standing long jump with a distance of 8'2". Preston was in the 13-14 age division because this track meet goes by the year you were born. Hansen also competed and did very well. Hansen was in the 9-10 division and placed first in the standing long jump at 5' 10", second in the 50m at 8.9 seconds, and did not place in the softball throw. So, these kids did very well against a couple of decent size track teams! Congrats Preston and Hansen! Here is a picture P and H with their ribbons.

Maren and Lillie had a very nice afternoon with out us boys. Lillie needed new ballet slippers for her recital this weekend, so they just happened to be in the same parking lot as Applebee's (Called Crapplebee's for the last few years for their horrible service in the past) is next to Payless Shoes. Maren and Lillie went rogue and ate at Applebee's! Half price appetizers and a fun logo can get those girls anytime. They had a nice dinner and then headed over to Coldstone for ice-cream! You should have seen Lillie try to lie to me about where they went to dinner when I got home. It is no secret that we don't go to Applebee's, and the girls were going to try to keep it a secret. While Lillie is becoming an excellent liar, she is not there just yet, besides, I am a good mind reader of little kids. I asked he where she went for dinner and she just looked down into her book she was reading an said, "Nowhere, why?" Her eyes shifting just a little. I knew right then it was Applebee's. Maren kept the same face for a minute, but they they shared the extra frys and a small burger they could not finish with us. Guess Applebee's is OK again.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Short post...I slept in!

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Just did not want to wake up this morning. No pictures, short post. Just giving you a break.

Yesterday was a fun and busy day! Maren enjoyed the Kindergarten walk through she helped at for Cedar Valley. Preston had a good soccer practice. Lillie had a good last dance class and piano lesson. Hansen played with Nick and had a good Piano lesson. And I had a nice bike ride and traveled the area bringing the kids to where they were supposed to be.

While playing at the local park near the home where she takes piano lessons, Lillie met another Lily! Who knew that Lillian was going to be such a popular name?

Today is the Hershey's Track Meet in Auburn. Preston will be competing, and I think Hansen can compete if he wants to. Lillie gets to go play with her friend Emma after school!

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Five fifty five and fifty five seconds.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Last night Maren worked late again, so I took the kids out to dinner. We were thinking Arby's! We usually end up going out if Maren is working late for multiple days in a row. Maren always would prefer we wait until she is with us, but dude, I was just cooped up with the kids too long! This is a cute picture of Lillie whispering her wish to Preston. Preston asked what time it was at exactly five fifty five and fifty five seconds, so make a wish! Preston told Lillie, "Hey, don't tell people your wishes, they wont come true...but the cats already do that!?!(lots of laughing)" I never found out Lillie's wish, don't want to. I could have taken the exact picture of Lillie trying to sneak a drink of Preston's chocolate milk shake as well. Hansen was to my right and was safe from this type of aggravation by his sister, but they did get into each other's space just fine sitting across from each other.

Today Maren is only working kind of late. Preston has soccer, Lillie has her last dance class before her recital as well as piano lessons with Hansen.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bike safey rodeo.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Last night was the bike safety rodeo at Cedar Valley. Huge turn out, huge success. I was talking to a fellow I know from the golf world who was one of the fire fighters working the event and he said it was bigger turnout than the one they had in the Walmart parking lot last Saturday!

Maren was working late, and Preston was at soccer, but Hansen, Lillie and I were there! Also Maren's bicycle got to be part of the excitement as Mrs. Kawaoka borrowed her bicycle for the event. Mrs. Kawaoka is an avid road biker with a road bike way too nice to be just left to the side for kids to step on. You may remember back when I was just starting my road biking that she passed me quite quickly and showed me who was boss when I foolishly called her "slow poke!"...well, yesterday I got my revenge. Yup, beat her in the "slow race". I can go so slow that I am not even moving thanks to good balance and bicycle skills, it is the going fast for a very long distance I struggle with. This picture is of Mrs. Kawaoka on Maren's bicycle.

Before any kids could enter the obstacle course, the police/fire department fitted their helmets and such. Here is Lillie getting ready to ride.
Hansen and Lillie in line. This is the front of the line after a dozen kids have already been let on the course, there are still another 20 or so kids behind them. I rode the course on my bike, and brought my uni-cycle for fun. But there were so many kids that the adults did very little riding or goofing off. This was a very well run event. They also had helmets on sale for $7.00 each, so I bought Hansen, Lillie and myself a back up helmet. At the end of the obstacle course there were root beer floats for all participants, and after that there was a raffle where a couple kids won bicycles! Lillie won a fuzzy Bratz coloring poster and Hansen won a pack of cards!
When we got home it was time to plant the tomatoes. Here is Hansen and Lillie happy to help in the garden.
See you tomorrow.