Saturday, May 16, 2009

Willy Wonka, Shannon's ice-cream.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Last night was a crazy busy evening for us, but everything went great. Preston had his first day of Soccer tryouts for his select soccer team (Synergy of Auburn) and he said he performed great at all the skills, made two goals by heading in good cross shots from teammates, and was glad that some friends from other circles were trying out as well. Maren went to CV for a SOAR event as well as game night and a silent auction. She won some great prizes by being the highest bidder and it sounds like everything went well. I had Lillie and Hansen there for a few minutes, but we left early because I took them along with cousins Claire, Alex, Miles, and their friend (and their parents) to a Performance of Willy Wonka at Sunrise Elementary. The director is Hansen's choir director from church, as well as an old college friend of Kraig. The performance was way better than I was expecting from an elementary school, not that I was not expecting a lot, it was just really really good.

When we all got home at around 8:45pm last night we decided it was ice-cream time. We had just a little bit of the Chocolate Custard ice-cream that Shannon had brought over when she visited last weekend left, and now it is gone. Yup, last Saturday Shannon came out for a nice visit, dinner, dessert, and an episode of Maren's favorite TV show (other than Amazing Race, American Idol, and Survivor) Dirty Jobs. John and Carol were out last weekend as well and were lucky enough to get to take home some extra custard ice-cream too. So, we ran out of custard ice-cream, but we still have some toppings. Shannon had tried to call before she came out, but I did not get the message until after she left. The message was about if I did not get back to her soon with a list of our favorite ice-cream toppings, she was just going to get a bunch of different toppings and bring them over. Well, she was not joking. Every kind of sprinkles, along with chocolate and carmel toppings as well. The kids were allowed to top there own ice-cream and well, you could not even tell there was ice-cream under all the toppings. We were very glad to have Shannon visit, and it was just a bonus that she spoiled us with custard ice-cream.

This morning Hansen has a baseball game. Preston has soccer tryouts again this afternoon. And we are all geeking out because the weather may actually get to 70 degrees for the first time this year! Can you say BBQ?

See you tomorrow.

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