Monday, May 04, 2009

Wheels at Walmart

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday I took Preston to Walmart in the afternoon. Walmart has a Subway Sandwich inside, and we were after a couple of five dollar foot longs. We also found a couple of good deals from wandering the store for a minute.

I had just been teasing Maren about me getting a new car since I had just cleaned out the inside (yep, over two garbage bags worth of stuff bouncing around) and it looks ready to trade in! Well these are the two cars I parked between. Walmart is only a mile and a half from my house, and I am a pretty observant person, but what you can find automotivly in from one stall at our Walmart parking lot is what you might not see driving in months of driving. This first car was on my left, I took the picture and sent it to Maren that this was my next car...well, lets get real, I couldn't afford the wheels or tires!

So Preston and I were still cracking up about the cool car (the other side had all matching doors and looked much cooler!) when we saw the bumper sticker on this car, a car to the right of us:
I reeds, "I am only speeding cause I really have to POOP" with a picture of a smelly pile of poo. If you want to see it better, biggify (that word is for my mom!) the picture.
Who knows what I could have found if I would have checked another isle!
See you tomorrow.


Amber and Aurora said...

You're silly! You also make me feel like I must keep my cars way too long. I think I've only had 3 cars, and Chuck's only had 3 cars, so 6 total. If we have another kid we'll have to trade in at least one of our current cars, but until then, we're keeping them AND believe it or not we keep them pretty clean (well, on the inside)!

Julian's Blog said...

Amber, You don't keep your cars too long...I keep cars too short! It's a sickness. Maren's dad is still driving the Mazda Pick-up that he bought used back in 1991. Now that is too long!