Wednesday, May 27, 2009

TV working, paperwork.

Good morning, it is Wednesday...but it feels like Tuesday.

We are excited to say our down stairs TV works again! The volume on a few of the channels stopped working and nothing we did would fix the problem. Finally I sat on hold for a while with Comcast and the guy figured the problem in about half a second. All we needed to do was hit the "language" button. Who know the channels could think they were in Spanish, so the English would not work. Technology, hmmf.

This morning has turned into paperwork morning. Lillie's dance pictures, a few different forms for Preston's soccer, another form for Preston's "moving on" ceremony...going to jr. high school, kid's project forms, cheetah readers forms, GL carnival pre-order forms. And that is just the ones on my desk! I probably have some bills to pay as well.

Tonight Lillie has dance pictures, she is excited because she gets to wear her recital outfit. Preston has a pizza banquet to announce this years soccer team, collect funds, talk fund raisers and so on. At the same time, Hansen and Lillie both have piano lessons. Phew!

See you tomorrow.

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