Sunday, May 10, 2009

Preston Shines at the Jr. Olympics.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday Preston had the track meet of his life (so far!). The Jr. Olympics is the final track meet of the Kent School District track season. There were around 14 schools competing and nearly 500 kids (those are numbers from the Kent Reporter) in Preston's meet. These were only the best from each school, not the whole track team. Below are a few photos along with an explanation or two.

This is Preston in the first heat of the 75 yard dash. There were two heats, with the top 7 going to a final. In this heat Preston won by a good 10 yards to some very fast kids. Heat 2 had the one kid who beat Preston earlier in the year, also winning his heat by 10 yard. In the final Preston got beat off the line, but made up ground and won by a yard. His time was 8.66 seconds, a personal record! Amazing race.
This is Preston flying through the air in the long jump. This is really Preston's event. He scratched on the first jump, on his second jump we could not really tell what he jumped, but after the score was read Preston was jumping up and down, spinning and dancing all the way back to the line for his third jump...not to mention all the screaming from the GL cheering section. He had just jumped 15' 8.5". That was his personal best by over 6 inches! To prove it was not a fluke, his third jump was 15' 8". The second place jump in the whole track meet was 13' 6"...yup, Preston won by over two feet. Amazing.
The kid that Preston beat in the long jump and the dash is from Sunrise and is a great kid and a great sport. Preston and him also ran into each other at the Math Olympiad last weekend. Sunrise's relay team was just better than Preston's team, and they got first place to GL's third place. We were glad Antony was able to take home a blue ribbon as well...he deserved it, not that Preston's team would not have enjoyed winning the relay, but you know.

This is a picture of Preston and sixth grade girl of the meet (also from GL) talking to the Kent Reporter News reporter about winning boy and girl of the meet. Yup, Preston was awarded Outstanding Male Athlete of the entire Meet. On top of that, Preston was awarded the Most Inspirational person by his peers for his entire track team (yes, GL won first as well this year). What a day for Preston!
This is a close up of Preston's Outstanding Male Athlete award. Not to many folks in the world get to have one of these. Yes, those are Preston's grubby thumbnails.

Not to be left out, Hansen had a great baseball game. He played pitcher, first base and catcher. He hit two triples and grounded out. This is a cool picture that Carol took of him just leaving to run the bases after a hit. Looks like something from Sports Illustrated huh? The team Hansen played had his favorite girl from last year at GL (Anessa) on the team, it was fun to run into her...of course there was also one of Hansen's favorite girls from this year at CV (Katie) on the team as well. After the game we snapped a photo with Anessa and said hi to her parents. I guess Anessa was a little ticked off at Katie as Katie kept bragging about being in Hansen's class and liking Hansen. I told Anessa's mom that Hansen was coming back to GL next year for the Hi-Cap program and Anessa could have him back! Hansen was totally oblivious to anything but how the dirt clumps up differently in near the pitcher's mound than at 1st base.
See you tomorrow.

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Melanie Ostergard said...

You guys must be so proud of your boys. They did amazing from what I heard from Nana and Auntie Stef. I wish we could have made it to watch both events. Thank you for sharing the photos.