Thursday, May 14, 2009

Look who is on the cover of the Kent Reporter.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday when I got to school, I ran into Jason in the hallway. First thing he said was, "great picture of Preston in the staff room!" I did not know what he was talking about, so I wandered over to the staff room, and look what was hanging on the wall:

Yup, it is the cover of the Kent Reporter with Preston's picture hung on the wall with a nice note written by...Preston's second grade (I almost typed "Preston's old teacher", that would have been a mistake! Proof reading people!) teacher Mrs. Radford put this up. Thanks, that was very nice. After school we drove down to the headquarters of the Kent Reporter and picked up a few copies. Of course the article to the left of the picture of Preston looms large at CV. Our poor school is loosing teachers and student population. I am at the very bottom of the seniority list, so who knows what next school year will bring in the work department. No matter what happens in that department, this has been a great year with a great staff. This morning when I was getting ready to blog, I had to clear away a path to my desk. Yes, this is the family computer in every sense of the word. Here is the mess: Lillie's artwork covering Preston's math homework and his Kent Reporter. Hansen's field trip permission form along with his cars. An Alphabutt CD (very funny), paperwork to be recycled, ear phone thing, offering book, cameras, sponge bob golf balls...and who knows what is under the first layer, hopefully my glasses, keys and name badge.
Tonight Preston has his final year end Band concert of his elementary school career. Should be good.
See you tomorrow.

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