Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hansen's pocket knife.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Wow, I am almost to my fundraising goal thanks to some very generous people. Thanks!

A couple of days ago Hansen decided he had found just the right sticks for making a new bow and arrow. The only problem is that he could not find his "sharp rock" to do the carving. I have been hesitant about pocket knives ever since Preston needed a trip to the ER, several stitches, and now has a finger that does not bend quite as well as the rest thanks to me giving him a pocket knife on his 7th birthday. Well, I decided Hansen is ready for a pocket knife (age 9...I did wait longer this time). I gave him a good lesson on use, and he does remember Preston's trauma. So far so good. Hansen has been whittling away non-stop first making a new bow, then making arrows. Yes, he has been a safe knife user and has been accident free (knock wood). But this is only half of the story.

Hansen had his most wonderful arrow that he had just carved on the stairs during dinner or some break. When he came back he could not find it. He was freaking out for a day and a half about someone stealing his new arrow. He must have asked me 20 times if I did anything with his arrow as he really should not have left it on the stars, but no, I never touched it. He thought Lillie was the culprit, and asked her nonstop about an arrow. She always said that she knew nothing of an arrow. Finally yesterday he gave up, found a new stick, and made a new arrow. He was showing the new arrow to Lillie and asked her on last time, "have you seen anything that looks like THIS!" holding up the arrow. And Lillie said, "OH, like that stick with the sharp point...yes, I have it in my room, I found it on the stairs yesterday!" Hansen could have just died. Who knew Lillie did not know it was supposed to be an "arrow". We all think Lillie may have just taken it on purpose and stumbled upon a way to give it back without looking too much like a schmuck. Hansen is glad to have his arrow back, and has not left it on the stairs since.

Today is an early release day. Lillie has dance class, and we are meeting a new piano teacher today to see about getting Hansen and Lillie signed up for lessons again. Lillie is very excited. Also a friend e-mailed me to say she saw Preston's picture in the Kent Reporter holding the big trophy from his track meet. We may be trekking down to Kent to buy a bunch of copies of the Kent Reporter today as well.

See you tomorrow.


Melanie Ostergard said...

I looked for the article online and can't find anything. If you find it will you forward it to me, please?

Amber and Aurora said...

If only you'd had the blog back when Preston got his first pocket knife... that would've been quite a post.