Saturday, May 09, 2009

Hair, cousins, art class.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Some pics today. Lillie really liked this hairstyle yesterday. Maren thinks it looks like the girl from Napoleon Dynamite. Cool.

The next picture is actually the first picture I took of the hairstyle. Lillie had no idea that Hansen was behind her, but I got them both in the picture on purpose. Lillie always wants to see the picture, so when she saw the picture, and saw Hansen giving her bunny ears, she immediately got very mad and turned around and punched Hansen...then moved to a saver place for the picture (see above picture).
The pic below is of Hansen and his cousin Alex at art class. They had fun goofing off and drawing.
The pic below is of Lillie and her cousin Claire. After art class, Lillie went with Claire's family for an overnight. We have not heard from them, so I am sure they are having a great time.
Today is Preston's Jr. Olympics track meet. I will be waking him up in just a minute. Hansen has a baseball game as well. Glad the weather is nice.
See you tomorrow.

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