Friday, May 01, 2009

Bye bye

Good morning, it is Friday.

Last night we officially retired Lillie's favorite shoes, her Barbie Shoes. They had a great life and now she does not know what her "go to" shoes are any more. I guess it will be shoe shopping this weekend for one picky little girl, or she will just have to be happy with one of her other 15 or so pairs of shoes. I thought about shoe goo, but the holes are just too many, the toes are gone, and the soles are worn thought as well. Preston also has a pair of shoes that are hideous that he just loves to wear. Hmm, I just don't remember having favorite shoes that were not of the newer variety, maybe a pair or two.

Today is going to be great weather, we just may have to restart "Fire pit Fridays" at our house.

See you tomorrow.

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