Friday, May 29, 2009

Amish Friendship Bread.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Every week at work, the staff room is decorated and snacks are left out for the other staff members by a person or two. I never really knew why or how this was done or organized as I started after the year had already begun. This week is the Title staff week, and yesterday was my day. The timing was perfect as it was time to cook our Amish Friendship bread starter. Maren spiced the starter up a bit by adding chocolate pudding and chocolate chips. Yum. I also took lots of little snack size chocolate bars and covered the other tables with candy. Double yum.

This is a pic of the Amish Friendship Bread. I left it out just before the first break, and by lunch time it was gone.

Yesterday Lillie got to go on a mini field trip to put salmon into Jenkins Creek. The kindergartners all had their cute fish hats on and helped carry the fish to the creek. There has been a tank of fish that started as an empty tank, then salmon eggs were added, then they grew into little salmon, now they are headed up the creek!

Tonight Preston has a dance at the jr. high school along with all the other 6th graders from the other schools feeding into Cedar Heights. Yikes.

Tonight Hansen and Alex get to go spend the night at Nana's house for a night of double fun. Double yikes.

See you tomorrow.

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