Thursday, May 21, 2009

1st Piano lesson.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday Lillie had her first ever piano lesson. Hansen got back on the lesson train as his first two tries never worked out (group lesson, then teacher quit for different career path). Through a recommendation we found a teacher and Lillie could not be happier. Hansen is OK with it, but not overly excited. Below is a picture of Lillie in front of the big piano during Hansen's lesson (can't see Hansen behind the teacher). Lillie liked to watch the inside of the piano, who doesn't?

The teacher's house has kind of cool little thing in the entry way, a big fancy ceramic pot that would normally hold an indoor plant or something is filled with water and houses a few gold fish. Lillie and I were going out to walk around the neighborhood during Hansen's lesson and somehow one of Lillie's shoes ended up in the fish tank! Lillie was barefoot the rest of the day, and laughing about her shoe in the fish tank...yes, we snuck it out before anyone noticed, sshhh.

Today the Kindergartners do not have school due to Kindergarten orientation for next year. Carol is on her way out to hang with Lillie the whole day. Lillie is very excited. She is rubbing it in to her brothers at every turn..."I don't have school tomorrow and you do!"

See you tomorrow.

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