Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring break is hard work!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Day two of spring vacation. Lillie felt much better and played outside a lot as well as visited her school friend Hazzen. Her and Hazzen made cookies, decorated gingerbread houses and went to the sand park.

Preston helped me with the garage a bit, I moved some shelving and did some rearranging. Preston also rode his bike up to the stores with his friends and went Slurpee shopping.

Hansen had a slow day to start, but he was invited to a movie at Kole's house in the evening.

Here is a picture of Lillie and Preston napping on opposite sides of the couch in the late afternoon. Spring break is hard work!

Today we get our new Washer and Dryer. We did decide on a front loader washer again. The difference in amount of water and energy used between front and top loaders was far more shocking than I had thought. Basically we purchased one of the cheaper models consumer reports rated well, it is a Maytag Epic Z. Hope it works great for many years.

See you tomorrow.

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