Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Play Ball!

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was the Mariner's first home game of the year! Did we watch? No. Are we excited to have Griffey back? I am! But this post is not about the Seattle is about Hansen. That is right, Hansen is now a baseball player. Yesterday we went out and bought him a new mitt and a batters helmet (all kids are required to have their own helmet?). Practice starts next week, just as soccer ends. Hansen has been asking to play baseball, and we finally got him registered. Hansen and Kole are the only baseball players in a culde-sac full of soccer die-hards. Yesterday they were playing catch, kind of...Kole is better at catching, while Hansen is better at throwing.

This is a picture of Hansen's new mitt being broken in. A ball inside, rubber bands holding it closed over the ball. I hope that is still the way to do it. I did not realize the Husky hat was in the background when I took the picture, but I think it adds something to the photo!

See you tomorrow.

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