Friday, April 17, 2009

The pink tree in the back yard.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Each spring the pink trees bloom around the PNW (I don't know what kind of trees these are, and my Librarian wife is still sleeping, so they are going unnamed for now). We take walks and they are in bloom in people's yards and look very nice. They bring folks from all over the world to the Square at the University of Washington. They are all around, for just a few weeks. When we first moved into our house (about 14 years ago) we would go on walks and Maren would say, "I would love a tree like this in our yard!" And I would say, "We do have the back yard you silly!" Why am I bringing this up nearly 14 years later? Well, just the other day while driving around the neighborhood, Lillie said, "These pink trees are sure pretty, I wish we had one in our yard.", and I said, "We do have the back yard you silly!" Strange, kind of déjà vuish if you ask me. So, two of the smartest girls (or people) I have ever met (yes, Lillie is only 6, but she is the smartest 6 year old I have ever met, and can beat me in any memory game with ease) did not even realize at one time that we had this tree in our back yard (and you can tell it IS our back yard by the ugly swimming pool leaning up against the fence 11 months out of the year):

Yesterday Preston beat me at a running race two times. If I caught up to him after 50 yards, he would just laugh and pull ahead. I was giving him tips on running [for his track meets] at Wilson Play Field while Hansen was at choir practice, so we raced. First time he has ever beat me. Preston said I had to post this little fact. I just gave him grief for letting a fat old bald guy stay with him so long! He was not buying, up until just about now, I could always beat him.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

that's a beautiful picture. love, susanna

Amber said...

cherry blossoms?

Julian's Blog said...

I think Cherry blossom is right. I waited three days to take this picture because everytime I thought about it, it was raining. I got a little sun break and took it.

Melanie Ostergard said...

Yes, that would be the cherry blossoms you are referring to. Funny that both Mar and Lillie said the same thing decades apart.