Friday, April 24, 2009

H's first baseball practice

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was Hansen's first baseball practice ever! Sure, he has played kickball and kind of knows the rules and we have played catch and hit the ball a bit last summer, but being on a baseball team is all new for him. His coach was great and another father who plays baseball himself beat me to the assistant job, but since I have not done anything with baseball for like 25 years, it is probably for the best. You would have thought Hansen played all his life! He fielded the ball no problem, and made good throws to first base (he was at short stop after drills). When he got to bat, he hit the ball 20 yards farther than anyone else...he was around the bases and home before the ball got back to the infield. He thought he scored two runs! One for the hit, and one for running the bases??? I have some simple rules and strategies to go over with Hansen and now that he is on a team, he may want to learn that stuff. They passed out shirts and hats and looked like a real team. Games start in two weeks, we will see how they stack up then. Mostly I am glad that Hansen had a good time playing a sport of his own.

See you tomorrow.

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