Saturday, April 04, 2009

High school soccer.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Last night I took the boys to the Kentwood vs. Kentlake soccer match. Preston invited Connor along and we planned on showing up just a bit early. When we showed up the JV teams were still playing and had about 15 minutes left in their game. Connor looked out on the field and said, "Look, there is Chase!" Yup, we got their in time to see Connor's brother finish his game. Connors dad and couple other neighbors were also there. Had no Idea. As it turned out, Connor's dad and Christian's dad decided to leave before us, so I offered to also take Christian home. Now it was me and 4 kids, that happens fast these days. The kids wanted to head over to the concession stand during half time, so I gave them each a few bucks and expected them to come back with a hot chocolate and a hot dog or pretzel or something like that. Well, they did get the hot chocolate, but spent every last penny on Air Head candies. Yup, bought out the entire supply of Air Heads. I think Each kid had like 10 or something. You would think Air Heads were some type of currency they way they were trading and hording and stuff. Anyhow, it was a good game. Both teams seemed pretty evenly matched and Kentwood ended up winning 1-0 (Boo!, we were rooting for Kentlake). The one think I did not expect was how much the parents of the high school players yelled bad stuff at the refs. Must be some soccer culture as the select soccer parents are not any better. I made sure my 4 only yelled good stuff, or "boo!", I figured boo beat the diarrhea that was flying from some parent's mouths. I guess growing up playing racing sports, running sports, and golf and tennis (all games that don't really have referees to control play) I just never realized.

Today we have soccer games in the morning and Lillie, Maren and Nana are going to a Cinderella play this evening.

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