Thursday, April 02, 2009

A good April Fool's day.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was fun. I love April Fools day. Hansen was the only one getting mean with his jokes as he would scare Lillie at every turn. Lillie may grow to hate April Fools day with Hansen as a brother. Or just grow to hate Hansen. Naa, who could hate Hansen? She will be able to out do him one of these days.

Yesterday was a day of Text messaging April Fools jokes. Hansen texted Maren about forgetting her lunch, but Mar actually left her lunch at home on purpose. Then Preston texted her about missing the bus, but she was not buying. Finally I got her in the afternoon asking her if she knew where to take the kids during dance class and such as I had "the meeting" in the afternoon. Not a bad April Fools day at all.

I must have had 20 kids at school tell me my shoes were untied yesterday. Well, maybe less, it may have been the same 7 kids telling me the same April Fools jokes over and over.

Tonight is McTeacher's night at McDonald's. We will be served our food by teachers and a percentage of our meal goes to the school. Glad we ate healthy last night!

See you tomorrow.

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