Thursday, April 09, 2009

Getting out for a few hours.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Monday and Tuesday were wonderful days. Warm and sunny all day long. Spring has come and gone and now it is back to rain. Yesterday was a transition day where it was just overcast the whole we did some out of the neighborhood stuff.

Yesterday we trekked all the way to Game Farm Park in Auburn. It is a wonderful place with excellent soccer, baseball, and tennis facilities. There is also a very nice playground for littles and it is right next to the river. Preston just wanted to get some kicks in on a real field, Lillie just wanted to go to a playground, and Hansen wanted to play catch. Game Farm Park was fine. After an hour or so we went to the Slane kid's favorite place in the world...the Slurpee store. Yup, if you can get a Slurpee, then life must be good! Then I drove them over to Flaming Geyser Park to hike to the geysers. Little did we know that the hiking trail is closed due to high river water washing the trail away. But we could get to the flaming geyser...just not the bubbling geyser. The geysers really are cool, but in a scientific way...if you are expecting something extraordinary, the TV section of Costco is really where you should go.

The kids in front of the flaming geyser. You can see the flame just below Lillie's right hand. In the background you can see the closed trail head.
Lillie and Hansen climbing on an old fallen tree near the flaming geyser. I guess you call yesterday a mini "staycation".
Today Maren is driving my van to work so I can take her car to the shop. The littles will go see Camden and Nana, while Preston just hangs out with friends.
See you tomorrow.

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