Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First BBQ of the season.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Folks were trying not to complain about it being too hot! Really it was perfect, we are just used to too cold. Preston did great at his track meet again, winning the long jump and the dash, while his relay team placed second. Lillie got to go over and play at Lily's house and excape the track meet. Maren came and watched the long jump, then took Hansen home as well. After Track we had our first BBQ on the deck. Yes, the weather was that nice.

Eating Hamburgers and hot dogs in the back yard!
Maybe the best way too roast marshmallows for smores...but looking a bit like hill billies...yup, over the old charcoals of the BBQ.
This is from Sunday. Waiting between services for Hansen to sing with the choir. Are we having fun yet?
Hansen looking very serious in his choir robe.
Today should be another beautiful day around the PNW...then rain again tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.

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