Friday, April 10, 2009

exploded egg.

Good morning, it is Good Friday.

Yesterday was a fun day around here. Maren took my van to work (first time she has ever driven the van...and hated every moment, or so she said) because her car has been having starting issues and squealing breaks. I loaded my bike on the back of her car, loaded the littles inside the car and headed out. The littles had a play date with Camden, Maggie, Nana and Maren's Auntie Sue. I dropped the car off at Litha Hyundai in Renton, told them the problems we have been having, then biked 20 miles uphill back home (really I did not mind, and I am training for the LiveSTRONG challenge on Father's Day). I got home just in time to hear from Hyundai that they could find nothing wrong with the starting system, and the breaks are fine, just need to be cleaned. Since cleaning the breaks through them was almost as much as replacing them, and Hyundai was recommending two license plate bulbs be replace at $40.00 for the set, I just asked them to not do anything to the car. With the car done (or not done?) early, I still had about two hours before Carol would bring the kids home. So I got back on my bike and biked the 20 miles (downhill this time) back to Renton to pick up Maren's car. It is good to know the car is fine, just quirky...and they did not charge me very much $$$ to check it out. Even though our car is quirky (my mom bought the car, and sold it to I call it the "Slane mobile" as it really is mostly quirky for Maren) I think Lithia Hyundai has done a good job by us, way better than Auburn Hyundai. I got home at the exact time Carol was bringing the kids home from a fun day at Cam's house.

The picture below is of one of the two dozen eggs we (actually it was just Maren) hard boiled for decorating this evening. It is so cool when an egg explodes during hard boiling. Tomorrow's blog should show a much better breed of hard boiled egg.

See you tomorrow.

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