Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was the dentist for me, Hansen and Lillie. I snapped this pic of Lillie. She did not like getting sealants one bit! She may grow to hate the dentist like her mom...she may already! My teeth feel great, I still love the dentist. Maren is in the dentist chair as I type. Good luck sweetie! Don't forget to breathe!

Yesterday was the first time this year Preston got any competition at a track meet. He still won the long jump by nearly two feet, but got beat in the dash by half a yard. The kid that beat him in the dash beat him last year in the Jr. Olympics as well. It was close.

Today is the first day of WASL testing for the Kent School District. Come to your own conclusion.

This was my 500th post...that is a lot of blogging.

See you tomorrow.


Melanie Ostergard said...

I'm with maren, I think dentists are evil. I loathe the dentist's office.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 500, Julian! That's really amazing.
Loved the Easter Blog!
Miss Susan