Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bosley hair restoration.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

I have a facebook account that I visit each day or so and enjoy seeing what my "friends" are up to. The other day I posted how I was annoyed that the kids keep calling me in to watch the Bosley hair restoration adds on the TV and got a few fun comments. Basically I will be doing something (not watching the TV) and one of the kids will yell, "Dad!, come watch, its the commercial!" And I will get there and it will be for hair restoration...groan. I tell them that I don't want hair restoration. That I have been sans hair for long enough that it would be really strange if I showed up after break with lots of hair. I would rather get a new bicycle! Anyhow, yesterday this picture showed up on the easel. Lillie said it is me, with wig and a sweet...not! I don't want a wig and a hat, what has gotten into these munchkins. Bosley must actually make these adds so they attract kids to bug their parents. Now only if car adds worked the same way.

See you tomorrow.

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