Monday, April 06, 2009

1st day of vacation.

Good morning, it is Monday.

I woke up early to see Maren off to work. Put on shorts and did not shave...vacation...yeah!

I am hopeful that Lillie wakes up all better. She has been a bit sick of late and says her "throat is spicy". Just a wicked cold for her this time. Poor little bean, she missed Sunday school, the church egg hunt, and visiting with her cousin Claire. Claire was sick on their last planned visit, now Lillie was sick. She slept all night and is still asleep, so I am hopeful.

Yesterday Maren stayed home with Lillie and I took the boys to Church and then to their cousin's house for a birthday party for Maren's cousin Annie. It is so weird how time treats different people differently. Maren's cousin was born just one year after Maren, but was turning 29 at this party?!? I need to have a talk with the calendar makers...either that or WSU really is where I should have gone to college...maybe it is just a Coug thing? I had to throw that in because in spite of Miles wearing a WSU shirt and our nonstop Coug/Husky banter, I never even threw out a "Huskies Rule" or anything. I think Annie has it down, find the cutest 3 year old, put him in a WSU shirt, and see who has the guts to slam the poor kid...I just could not do it...and it was his mom's "29?" birthday, I just buttoned my lips.

Today is rearrange the garage day.

See you tomorrow.

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