Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Zoo.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was Lillie's first field trip ever! And her first bus ride ever. She had a great time. I went to the zoo as well, but not exactly with Lillie. I was on the other bus and went a different way at the zoo. If Lillie was not placed with her fiends and a mom she knows, I would have made a stink and had her with me, but it all worked out just fine. I did run into her at the giraffes.

Lillie at the giraffe cages, waiting her turn at the camera.
Lillie taking a picture of the giraffes. One thing the staff did was give a camera to each adult, for the kids to use. Most adults had 3 or 4 kids so each kid got to take plenty of pictures. My three kids kept me on my toes, as did every one's kids. I had one who wanted to run ahead and see everything, one who wanted to climb on everything, and a third who wanted to lag behind...busy. We did see most of the zoo. Too bad the new Penguin exhibit is scheduled to open this weekend! We will just have to go on our own some day.
See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lillie artwork.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

I have lots I could blog about today, here are a few things:

Lillie's art work. She came home from school and got to work doing art. Below are a few of the things she made. Each one has its own inspiration. I don't remember what each one means as the ones with hearts were meant for her mom. I do know the one with her name and the star surrounded by hearts is means that Lillie loves her mom "more than the stars and back". I do know that the one on the bottom middle is the earth with the sun on one side and the moon on the other side and stars everywhere. The last one could be cats running around in the grass, I don't know.

One of the neighbor kids who is Hansen's friend is Home Schooled. Yesterday after school Hansen and his friend were out in the back yard for a few minutes kicking the soccer ball into the goal and playing soccer games. The friend got called home after a few minutes because his "recess" was over. But just a minute later he came running back to the back yard at full speed telling Hansen that he could play soccer with him because "it counts as P.E.!" Let me just say for the record, I am glad my kids enjoy school, do just fine, and the schools teach the stuff I would want my kids to learn, because homeschooling...I just don't think I could do it.
Today is Lilllie's first field trip. Going to the Woodland Park Zoo. I get to tag along as well. I won't have Lillie in my group as I am going as an employee and Lillie's class had plenty of parent help. I will be on the same bus as Lillie, but will be with kids from another class. I sure hope the weather holds.
See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Preston's track rematch.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Last night was Preston's big rematch [Track meet] against the kid from Sunrise Elementary. This kid beat Preston in the 75 yard dash a week and a half a go, as well as in last years Jr. Olympics. The Sunrise kid was undefeated all of this year, and last year. Preston was undefeated except for the race that this kid beat him in. After the last match up, Preston finally asked me to help him with his form and sprinting (I usually don't make my voice heard until he asks, which is usually when his track coach is out of ideas or he really wants to get better) So last week we worked on starting and striding. Well, his work paid off. In a very exciting dash Preston got a great start and held his opponents off all the way, winning the race by a stride. He gave all the credit to his...haircut! Thinks he was just more aerodynamic! Nah, the drills made a difference, but his fan club thinks it was the haircut. Preston also won the long jump by more than a foot, and did excellent in the relay. The Jr. Olympics are next Saturday at French Field, come on out and root for Preston.

Today the rain is back. We are hoping the weather gets its rain out today as Lillie has her first ever field trip to the Zoo tomorrow.

Yes, Lillie still has her little WSU stickers on her temples. I don't know if we will ever get her in the bathtub again! She loves those little stickers. Hmf.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Fun at Stef's place.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Sure enough, the kids had a great time at Auntie Stef's place. Lots of spoiling, lots of fun. Sounds like they each got an allowance and headed off to the mall. Preston and Lillie spent their money at the candy store, while Hansen saved his for Legos.

Lillie with a WSU decal on her temple. She has one on the other side as well. She did not like me getting so close to take a picture, this is the face is one about to tell me to "back off!".
Hansen with his new Lego stuff.
Preston could not be bothered to take a picture with candy...besides, he has ate most of it.
Today Preston has soccer and track. Maren works late.
See you tomorrow.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Meatloaf and overnights.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Friday afternoon John and Carol came out and cooked a very yummy dinner for all of us. Meatloaf and baked potatoes, yum. The weather was nice, so it was hard to keep the kids inside to visit, but that was not a problem, they were just out running around with friends.

Yesterday Stef came out to pick up the kids to take them for an overnight at her place. The entire morning was, "when will Stef be here?", "will Stef be here soon?" or "tell me when Stef is almost here!". Yes, the kids were excited. Stef usually will take them for a trip to Bellevue Square for a few treats, then back to her place for movies and gaming. We will see how it actually went when they get home today. I heard horror stories about WSU stickers that go under your nail polish (for Lillie) or something like that...shudder.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, April 24, 2009

H's first baseball practice

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was Hansen's first baseball practice ever! Sure, he has played kickball and kind of knows the rules and we have played catch and hit the ball a bit last summer, but being on a baseball team is all new for him. His coach was great and another father who plays baseball himself beat me to the assistant job, but since I have not done anything with baseball for like 25 years, it is probably for the best. You would have thought Hansen played all his life! He fielded the ball no problem, and made good throws to first base (he was at short stop after drills). When he got to bat, he hit the ball 20 yards farther than anyone else...he was around the bases and home before the ball got back to the infield. He thought he scored two runs! One for the hit, and one for running the bases??? I have some simple rules and strategies to go over with Hansen and now that he is on a team, he may want to learn that stuff. They passed out shirts and hats and looked like a real team. Games start in two weeks, we will see how they stack up then. Mostly I am glad that Hansen had a good time playing a sport of his own.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Preston's haircut.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

This haircut was totally Preston's idea, guess it was time for a change:

Before haircut, sitting in chair of SportClips.
After haircut, sitting in chair of Sportclips.
Fancy boy hair product, purchased at Sportclips.
Too bad I did not get a picture of the look on Maren's face when she saw Preston's short haircut. Big smile!
See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was Maren's sister Stef's birthday. Hope you had a great birthday!

Both Preston and Hansen texted her happy birthday yesterday, while Maren posted on her Facebook page. That is the world today, no calling, just texting or Facebook. Fast and quiet. I like the technology. One of Preston's friends had to "slow down" on the texting because she had like 9000 texts last month. While that seems like a lot, I am sure that half of those were incoming and she was just responding on many with a quick "yup" or something. I decided to check on how many Preston had sent last month. 6,207! Half of those are incoming as well. This month he is even higher. Yup, he may get to 9,000 this month...but they did have spring break and why limit him on spring break? These texting buddies are mostly 6th graders...many HiCap with amazing grades! I wonder if the high schoolers text even more, or if after a while you just kind of loose some of the texting novelty. Sometimes I am trying to get him to do something and he keeps texting, but usually he is not so rude.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First BBQ of the season.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Folks were trying not to complain about it being too hot! Really it was perfect, we are just used to too cold. Preston did great at his track meet again, winning the long jump and the dash, while his relay team placed second. Lillie got to go over and play at Lily's house and excape the track meet. Maren came and watched the long jump, then took Hansen home as well. After Track we had our first BBQ on the deck. Yes, the weather was that nice.

Eating Hamburgers and hot dogs in the back yard!
Maybe the best way too roast marshmallows for smores...but looking a bit like hill billies...yup, over the old charcoals of the BBQ.
This is from Sunday. Waiting between services for Hansen to sing with the choir. Are we having fun yet?
Hansen looking very serious in his choir robe.
Today should be another beautiful day around the PNW...then rain again tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Busy weekend, Lillie's theory on where babies come from.

Good morning, it is Monday.

We had an action packed weekend. Saturday was Hansen and Lillie's last soccer game(s) of the season. Grandpa John came and watched the games, then took them out to a movie. After the movie it was slurpees and ice-cream. Maren worked Saturday and I went for a long bike ride.

Yesterday Hansen and the children's choir sang at both church services. They did a great job. After church we went to Maren's great auntie Nina's birthday party. She turned 85 years old. The party was at a very cool house in North Bend with a huge yard. The kids enjoyed playing with their cousins.

This weekend was also baby Aurora's first birthday. And Mel's twins turned one a month and an half ago, so Lillie has had babies on the mind as she sees the twins at family gatherings and such. Yesterday Lillie let us where babies come from...are you ready?...well, here is her theory: 1. Baby is in the mind. 2. Baby is a "twink" in the eye. 3. Baby is in the tummy. 4. Baby is out of the tummy. There you have it.

Today will be 70+ degrees and sunny for Preston's track meet. Nice.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Seahawks visit

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday was a fun day at CV. There was no WASL testing (except for make ups) and a couple of Seahawk Football players came to the school to visit. Nate Burleson and Seneca Wallace were the two players who visited. Nate is the nephew of our school Librarian, so there you go! The players talked to the 5th and 6th grade classes in the library for a while, then did quick visits to every other classroom that was interested. Nate was a better speaker to the kids than any other current professional player I have seen, he could have easily said more and been even more inspirational in a full school assembly format. Seneca also did a great job, they were a good pair. I will certainly cheer for those two much more when football season starts.

Nate and Seneca talking to the 5th and 6th grade classes. My teaching area is just behind the library, behind where I am standing to take the picture.
Seneca Wallace on the left, Nate Burleson on the right, along with a few sixth grade students.
Barbecue food served to the players and staff by The Three Bs Barbecue (owned by 6th grade teacher Mrs. Boden and her husband) was just amazing. I actually went out to lunch with Maren as she had the day off and we went to Costco for a quick lunch before she went on our monthly Costco shopping trip. Even though I was kind of full, I had plenty of room for the awesome BBQ.
Today is Hansen and Lillie's last soccer games for the season. John and Carol will come out to see part of the games then take them out to the movies.
See you tomorrow.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The pink tree in the back yard.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Each spring the pink trees bloom around the PNW (I don't know what kind of trees these are, and my Librarian wife is still sleeping, so they are going unnamed for now). We take walks and they are in bloom in people's yards and look very nice. They bring folks from all over the world to the Square at the University of Washington. They are all around, for just a few weeks. When we first moved into our house (about 14 years ago) we would go on walks and Maren would say, "I would love a tree like this in our yard!" And I would say, "We do have the back yard you silly!" Why am I bringing this up nearly 14 years later? Well, just the other day while driving around the neighborhood, Lillie said, "These pink trees are sure pretty, I wish we had one in our yard.", and I said, "We do have the back yard you silly!" Strange, kind of déjà vuish if you ask me. So, two of the smartest girls (or people) I have ever met (yes, Lillie is only 6, but she is the smartest 6 year old I have ever met, and can beat me in any memory game with ease) did not even realize at one time that we had this tree in our back yard (and you can tell it IS our back yard by the ugly swimming pool leaning up against the fence 11 months out of the year):

Yesterday Preston beat me at a running race two times. If I caught up to him after 50 yards, he would just laugh and pull ahead. I was giving him tips on running [for his track meets] at Wilson Play Field while Hansen was at choir practice, so we raced. First time he has ever beat me. Preston said I had to post this little fact. I just gave him grief for letting a fat old bald guy stay with him so long! He was not buying, up until just about now, I could always beat him.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bosley hair restoration.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

I have a facebook account that I visit each day or so and enjoy seeing what my "friends" are up to. The other day I posted how I was annoyed that the kids keep calling me in to watch the Bosley hair restoration adds on the TV and got a few fun comments. Basically I will be doing something (not watching the TV) and one of the kids will yell, "Dad!, come watch, its the commercial!" And I will get there and it will be for hair restoration...groan. I tell them that I don't want hair restoration. That I have been sans hair for long enough that it would be really strange if I showed up after break with lots of hair. I would rather get a new bicycle! Anyhow, yesterday this picture showed up on the easel. Lillie said it is me, with wig and a sweet...not! I don't want a wig and a hat, what has gotten into these munchkins. Bosley must actually make these adds so they attract kids to bug their parents. Now only if car adds worked the same way.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Play Ball!

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was the Mariner's first home game of the year! Did we watch? No. Are we excited to have Griffey back? I am! But this post is not about the Seattle is about Hansen. That is right, Hansen is now a baseball player. Yesterday we went out and bought him a new mitt and a batters helmet (all kids are required to have their own helmet?). Practice starts next week, just as soccer ends. Hansen has been asking to play baseball, and we finally got him registered. Hansen and Kole are the only baseball players in a culde-sac full of soccer die-hards. Yesterday they were playing catch, kind of...Kole is better at catching, while Hansen is better at throwing.

This is a picture of Hansen's new mitt being broken in. A ball inside, rubber bands holding it closed over the ball. I hope that is still the way to do it. I did not realize the Husky hat was in the background when I took the picture, but I think it adds something to the photo!

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was the dentist for me, Hansen and Lillie. I snapped this pic of Lillie. She did not like getting sealants one bit! She may grow to hate the dentist like her mom...she may already! My teeth feel great, I still love the dentist. Maren is in the dentist chair as I type. Good luck sweetie! Don't forget to breathe!

Yesterday was the first time this year Preston got any competition at a track meet. He still won the long jump by nearly two feet, but got beat in the dash by half a yard. The kid that beat him in the dash beat him last year in the Jr. Olympics as well. It was close.

Today is the first day of WASL testing for the Kent School District. Come to your own conclusion.

This was my 500th post...that is a lot of blogging.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Nice Easter.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Back to school and work today. The kids seem ready to go back. Preston has been looking forward to tonight's track meet for two weeks.

Yesterday we had a nice Easter. Church was packed full and the pastor was on a tear. He was going on about how Easter is not about bunnies, not about egg hunts, not about family, not about Lilys and so on...not wanting folks to forget the true meaning of Easter. Well, Lillie did not like the sermon at all. On the way to the bathroom Lillie asked Maren, "Why is the pastor so mean today? Easter IS about Bunnies, family, egg hunts, and I am a Lillie!!!" Pastor Dan may have lost a member of his fan club in Lillie yesterday.

We had a nice dinner at the Ostergard's house along with Stef, Court, Mel, Jack and Avery. Jack and Avery still don't know what to do with me, Lillie an Hansen are favorites.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter.

Good Morning, it is Sunday. Happy Easter.

Yesterday we had a couple of good soccer games, followed by a fun afternoon at Mark and Susan's house. Celebrated several birthdays, watched the Masters, and had an excellent lunch. Kids had a great time with a bunch of cousins, as did we adults.

A funny Lillie saying: Lillie's soccer team played the "Sharp Shooters". On the way home Lillie was singing, "Two, Four, Three, Eight. Who do you appreciate? Shark Shooters!!" She had the whole counting by "twos" wrong, as well as the team name...but it sounded good.

Here are a few pictures of egg decorating:

Maren posing with the kids just before all the fun starts.
Hansen's Star Wars collection of Easter Eggs.
Lillie's fancy eggs.
This is a funny picture I am throwing in. We ordered some really cool soccer shoes from Eastbay (an online shoe store) and instead of getting size 10, we got size 10 kids! These shoes are too small for Lillie, but they are cool! Preston is very disappointed, no more ordering shoes over the Internet!
See you tomorrow.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coldstone choices

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Last night we went out to Carls Jr. for dinner and Coldstone creamery for dessert to send spring break into the past. At Coldstone we each got a "Like it" size with one add. Lets see if I can remember what we each had:

Lillie - Cotton candy ice cream with marshmallows added in.
Hansen - Mocha ice cream with white chocolate chips added in.
Preston - Lime sherbet with waffle cone added in.
Maren - Mocha ice cream with dark chocolate chips added in.
Julian - Vanilla ice cream with coconut shavings added in...I wanted pineapple ice cream, but it was not available.

Today Hansen and Lillie have soccer games, then it is off to Seattle for birthday parties.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, April 10, 2009

exploded egg.

Good morning, it is Good Friday.

Yesterday was a fun day around here. Maren took my van to work (first time she has ever driven the van...and hated every moment, or so she said) because her car has been having starting issues and squealing breaks. I loaded my bike on the back of her car, loaded the littles inside the car and headed out. The littles had a play date with Camden, Maggie, Nana and Maren's Auntie Sue. I dropped the car off at Litha Hyundai in Renton, told them the problems we have been having, then biked 20 miles uphill back home (really I did not mind, and I am training for the LiveSTRONG challenge on Father's Day). I got home just in time to hear from Hyundai that they could find nothing wrong with the starting system, and the breaks are fine, just need to be cleaned. Since cleaning the breaks through them was almost as much as replacing them, and Hyundai was recommending two license plate bulbs be replace at $40.00 for the set, I just asked them to not do anything to the car. With the car done (or not done?) early, I still had about two hours before Carol would bring the kids home. So I got back on my bike and biked the 20 miles (downhill this time) back to Renton to pick up Maren's car. It is good to know the car is fine, just quirky...and they did not charge me very much $$$ to check it out. Even though our car is quirky (my mom bought the car, and sold it to I call it the "Slane mobile" as it really is mostly quirky for Maren) I think Lithia Hyundai has done a good job by us, way better than Auburn Hyundai. I got home at the exact time Carol was bringing the kids home from a fun day at Cam's house.

The picture below is of one of the two dozen eggs we (actually it was just Maren) hard boiled for decorating this evening. It is so cool when an egg explodes during hard boiling. Tomorrow's blog should show a much better breed of hard boiled egg.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Getting out for a few hours.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Monday and Tuesday were wonderful days. Warm and sunny all day long. Spring has come and gone and now it is back to rain. Yesterday was a transition day where it was just overcast the whole we did some out of the neighborhood stuff.

Yesterday we trekked all the way to Game Farm Park in Auburn. It is a wonderful place with excellent soccer, baseball, and tennis facilities. There is also a very nice playground for littles and it is right next to the river. Preston just wanted to get some kicks in on a real field, Lillie just wanted to go to a playground, and Hansen wanted to play catch. Game Farm Park was fine. After an hour or so we went to the Slane kid's favorite place in the world...the Slurpee store. Yup, if you can get a Slurpee, then life must be good! Then I drove them over to Flaming Geyser Park to hike to the geysers. Little did we know that the hiking trail is closed due to high river water washing the trail away. But we could get to the flaming geyser...just not the bubbling geyser. The geysers really are cool, but in a scientific way...if you are expecting something extraordinary, the TV section of Costco is really where you should go.

The kids in front of the flaming geyser. You can see the flame just below Lillie's right hand. In the background you can see the closed trail head.
Lillie and Hansen climbing on an old fallen tree near the flaming geyser. I guess you call yesterday a mini "staycation".
Today Maren is driving my van to work so I can take her car to the shop. The littles will go see Camden and Nana, while Preston just hangs out with friends.
See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

New Washer/Dryer

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

If this was a picture blog and I only showed you the following picture, you might come up with a hand full of possibilities. One would be, hmm, new washer and dryer...this family must be really dull to find this so exciting. A second would be, hmm, new washer and dryer...this family had the misfortune of having their old washer and dryer get old and start dying and had to spend way too much money on new ones. A third might be, hmm, new washer and dryer...I wonder how many times the 9 year old got in the installers way checking on the fancy features of the new washer and dryer before it was installed? A fourth is, hmm, new washer and dryer...I wonder if Julian painted all the way behind them when painting the laundry room last summer (No, I did not, and Hansen for one is a bit concerned about that!). And a fifth could be, hmm, new washer and dryer..."can I borrow, um have, $2.00 to ride my bike up to the AM/PM with my friends and buy a Slurpee? Please?". So, here is the picture of the new washer and dryer, feel free to come up with your own doing laundry is fun again, its sorting laundry that sucks, just ask Maren!

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring break is hard work!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Day two of spring vacation. Lillie felt much better and played outside a lot as well as visited her school friend Hazzen. Her and Hazzen made cookies, decorated gingerbread houses and went to the sand park.

Preston helped me with the garage a bit, I moved some shelving and did some rearranging. Preston also rode his bike up to the stores with his friends and went Slurpee shopping.

Hansen had a slow day to start, but he was invited to a movie at Kole's house in the evening.

Here is a picture of Lillie and Preston napping on opposite sides of the couch in the late afternoon. Spring break is hard work!

Today we get our new Washer and Dryer. We did decide on a front loader washer again. The difference in amount of water and energy used between front and top loaders was far more shocking than I had thought. Basically we purchased one of the cheaper models consumer reports rated well, it is a Maytag Epic Z. Hope it works great for many years.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, April 06, 2009

1st day of vacation.

Good morning, it is Monday.

I woke up early to see Maren off to work. Put on shorts and did not shave...vacation...yeah!

I am hopeful that Lillie wakes up all better. She has been a bit sick of late and says her "throat is spicy". Just a wicked cold for her this time. Poor little bean, she missed Sunday school, the church egg hunt, and visiting with her cousin Claire. Claire was sick on their last planned visit, now Lillie was sick. She slept all night and is still asleep, so I am hopeful.

Yesterday Maren stayed home with Lillie and I took the boys to Church and then to their cousin's house for a birthday party for Maren's cousin Annie. It is so weird how time treats different people differently. Maren's cousin was born just one year after Maren, but was turning 29 at this party?!? I need to have a talk with the calendar makers...either that or WSU really is where I should have gone to college...maybe it is just a Coug thing? I had to throw that in because in spite of Miles wearing a WSU shirt and our nonstop Coug/Husky banter, I never even threw out a "Huskies Rule" or anything. I think Annie has it down, find the cutest 3 year old, put him in a WSU shirt, and see who has the guts to slam the poor kid...I just could not do it...and it was his mom's "29?" birthday, I just buttoned my lips.

Today is rearrange the garage day.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

High school soccer.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Last night I took the boys to the Kentwood vs. Kentlake soccer match. Preston invited Connor along and we planned on showing up just a bit early. When we showed up the JV teams were still playing and had about 15 minutes left in their game. Connor looked out on the field and said, "Look, there is Chase!" Yup, we got their in time to see Connor's brother finish his game. Connors dad and couple other neighbors were also there. Had no Idea. As it turned out, Connor's dad and Christian's dad decided to leave before us, so I offered to also take Christian home. Now it was me and 4 kids, that happens fast these days. The kids wanted to head over to the concession stand during half time, so I gave them each a few bucks and expected them to come back with a hot chocolate and a hot dog or pretzel or something like that. Well, they did get the hot chocolate, but spent every last penny on Air Head candies. Yup, bought out the entire supply of Air Heads. I think Each kid had like 10 or something. You would think Air Heads were some type of currency they way they were trading and hording and stuff. Anyhow, it was a good game. Both teams seemed pretty evenly matched and Kentwood ended up winning 1-0 (Boo!, we were rooting for Kentlake). The one think I did not expect was how much the parents of the high school players yelled bad stuff at the refs. Must be some soccer culture as the select soccer parents are not any better. I made sure my 4 only yelled good stuff, or "boo!", I figured boo beat the diarrhea that was flying from some parent's mouths. I guess growing up playing racing sports, running sports, and golf and tennis (all games that don't really have referees to control play) I just never realized.

Today we have soccer games in the morning and Lillie, Maren and Nana are going to a Cinderella play this evening.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Bad weather tangent.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Part of me can't believe Friday is already here, but part of me can't believe this week has taken so long. Fit a full week of full days of school in between conference half days and spring break and you get a bunch of kids bouncing off the walls. Both the school walls and the walls at our house. After today is spring break, and we are hoping that spring decides to break through. The forecast shows that once we make it though today, we will be more likely to see sun than snow...first time in like six months. After this past fall/winter/spring, you will never have to explain to me why folks leave the PNW to move to warmer sunnier climates, I get it. I was walking around Lake Morton while Lillie was in dance class the other day in the rain, cold and drab. I was not even phased, not even a hit of sheltering myself from the rain, cold and drab. No umbrella, nothing. After about 30 minutes I realized I was having fun and wanted to keep going, that was when I realized I could really use the sun shine again.

There was some movie we watched in grade school (not long after moving up here from Florida) about a school of kids on a different planet or something where the sun would only shine one day every 7 years. Then the only kid who had every seen the sun kept talking about the sun and stuff and being annoying to the point that everyone else locked her in a closet the hour the sun came out. The rest of the kids played and had fun in the sun and forgot about her in the closet. I think us students were supposed to take away some lesson about bullying or something, I just remember thinking that showing this movie in the PNW was counter productive because if the rain bothers you, you are in the wrong place. Maren just told me that is actually a famous short science fiction story called All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury. Do all Librarians know everything, or just Maren? That was actually a relief because from time to time over the last 30 years I have wondered if I even saw that movie or it was just a bad dream from being in the rain so much.

That was a weird tangent. Sorry. Sorry to myself on that one. Time to go watch some Spongebob Squarepants and get some reality in my system.

Today Lillie has soccer, Hansen's team is skipping practice to go watch the Kentwood high school team take on the Kentlake soccer team. I just don't see how goofing off in the stands of a high school soccer game is more valuable than actual soccer practice for 7-9 year olds trying to learn soccer, but it will be fun and I am glad to be going.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

A good April Fool's day.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was fun. I love April Fools day. Hansen was the only one getting mean with his jokes as he would scare Lillie at every turn. Lillie may grow to hate April Fools day with Hansen as a brother. Or just grow to hate Hansen. Naa, who could hate Hansen? She will be able to out do him one of these days.

Yesterday was a day of Text messaging April Fools jokes. Hansen texted Maren about forgetting her lunch, but Mar actually left her lunch at home on purpose. Then Preston texted her about missing the bus, but she was not buying. Finally I got her in the afternoon asking her if she knew where to take the kids during dance class and such as I had "the meeting" in the afternoon. Not a bad April Fools day at all.

I must have had 20 kids at school tell me my shoes were untied yesterday. Well, maybe less, it may have been the same 7 kids telling me the same April Fools jokes over and over.

Tonight is McTeacher's night at McDonald's. We will be served our food by teachers and a percentage of our meal goes to the school. Glad we ate healthy last night!

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Say bye to the back yard!

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

You read the title of my blog, well, here is the deal. We have decided to down size a bit. We are going to move to one of the cool new condos being built above the local library. We don't need a back yard, and how cool would it be to just walk down stairs to the library? Maren is going to transfer to that branch and we will not even need a car!

APRIL FOOLS! We are not going anywhere. But if we were to move, a condo above the library in the middle of the new town square like they are doing in Burien is exactly where I would want to live.

Now the title of today's blog is not misleading at all, you see yesterday we received and set up our new soccer goal in the back yard. The grass is already almost gone and it will be totally mud/dirt for the next 10 years. But the house and the fence will no longer be what is stopping the soccer balls from flying, so the soccer goal is a great investment. Below is the picture of the kids pausing for a second between soccering even a word? It should be.

Have a great April Fools Day. Maren just let me know that Hansen slept with his toy snake so when I wake him up this morning, I freak out. I will do my best.

See you tomorrow.