Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Track meet, mornings.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday Preston had another fine track meet. He won the long jump with a jump of 14'8". He was bummed not to hit the 15' mark again, but he still won by more than two feet. He also won the 75 yard dash by like 15 yards. His relay team was an easy first, but they were DQ for a scratch...the ref could not tell Preston how or why they scratched, only that they were disqualified. GL won the track meet, which is what matters the most. Preston was just hanging out in the infield goofing off with his friends during the 600 yard run. I am not sure if he meant to run the open 600, or just kind of got sucked into the open 600 vortex, but anyhow, he ran the race and just jogged along with friends.

During the long jump warm ups there were folks just coming over to see about this kid who jumps like 3 feet farther than anyone else. Preston was just flying in practice, and one very long jump when a few adults around were like "WHOA!", Lillie chimed in, "That is my brother!" It is kind of amazing as in practice they don't rake the pit between jumps and Preston just flies over the big divot made by the rest of the kids. Luckily Lillie got to go play with Lily and did not have to stay at the track meet as it was very cold and the rain that fell could have been snow at just a few degrees colder.

I just took a break to go wake up Preston and see why Lillie was calling my name. That girl can yell, "Daaaadddddd!!!!!!" with the best of them. I walked in Lillie's room, turned on the lights, and said, "good morning!", she just groaned back, "It's morning already???? I was just calling you because my blankets fell off, ugh!" I let her go back to sleep, but I will be waking her up in another ten minutes. Maren just left for work, but sympathised with Lillie suggesting every morning is like that for her.

See you tomorrow.

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