Saturday, March 28, 2009

Time For Kids.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Lillie and Hansen both have soccer games today...actually this morning. Hansen's game is first, with Lillies overlapping. Later this afternoon, early evening, it will be off to the Rainforest Cafe to have dinner with Nana and Grandpa to celebrate good report cards.

Time For Kids is a magazine that the schools can buy, really just a leaflet to read in groups with interesting facts and good information at a kid's level. It is great for reading groups and current events. I am a big fan of Time For Kids. There was a thing at conferences where if you fill out 7 address of relatives and give it back, they will reward the child with a little tiger stuffed animal. The mailers goes out as filled out, and no address on any junk mail list. I only add that last sentence because I did fill it out for H and L, and some of you may be getting a little Time For Kids mailer asking you to renew magazines through them. Please disregard this, unless you want to renew magazines. Well, Yesterday Hansen got his little Tiger for completing his form, but Lillie had a guest teacher, who maybe did not know what to do with the forms, and will be getting her Tiger on Monday. Lillie was quite upset that she did not get her Tiger and Hansen got his, so after school, we checked with Ms. Todd to see if the Tigers would go out on Monday to other kids. When Ms. Todd was talking to Lillie, you could see the tears welling up in Lillie's eyes and her face was crinkling trying not to cry. Ms. Todd tapped Lillie on the shoulder and said, "Now don't get upset, you will get your Tiger on Monday." Lillie did a super quick nod trying not to cry, and we were on our way. Lillie will get her Tiger on Monday, and Hansen will have already forgotten about his. I must admit, I am not a fan of fund raisers that give out rewards. When you have more than one child in the same school, it just never works out fairly. I have gotten where I prefer to not participate in these reward fundraisers, but Hansen was just going on and on about the Time for Kids, so I filled it out, and I should have known, these prize things just never work out smoothly. My favorite fairs. I spent quite a bit of money between GL and CV's book fairs this last week, but the school benefits, and the kids choose books they will actually read.

See you tomorrow.


Julian's Blog said...

That was a long paragraph...sorry. I just type, post, then look at my blog to make sure it looks good. I had no idea it was so long. If you read the whole paragraph, then made it to read this comment. You could have just washed your car or something!

sussah said...

sorry Lillie got her feelings hurt. love, susanna