Friday, March 20, 2009


Good morning, it is Friday.

Phew, long week! TGIF. I finished the last sentence, then had to take a break and go get a cup of coffee. And I hate coffee. And I hate starting sentences with the word "and". See, long week, wasn't joking.

We muddled through yesterday just fine. Preston made it to math club. We made it to school, then we made it to Lillie's six year check up, then we made it to the science fair and jr. high school orientation. The End.

No, not the end. Lillie passed her six year check up with flying colors. She is 96% in height and 94% in weight. She could easily pass for a 7 year old. I don't know where my kids get their height. Or their smarts for that matter. Must be from their mom! Speaking of smarts, Hansen and Lillie got their report cards yesterday. They are doing great in school. Preston will probably bring his home today and make his sibs feel like losers, but I will tell them not to listen because they did great! All 3s and 4s and excellent comments (which are more important than the grades to me at this point).

The science fair went very well. The kids all got ribbons and a cool part of the fair was that there were actual scientist judges. The judges would come around with clip boards and ask the kids a question or two about their projects. It was fun.

Maren survived jr. high orientation. She said that it sounds like jr. high is going to be lots of paperwork to fill out and lots of money to shell out. Preston can't wait to get to jr. high school. Of course with the Seattle Sounders FC's opening game yesterday (go Sounders!), Preston is wondering how young they will let you be a professional soccer player.

Tonight both Hansen and Lillie have soccer practice, then we will all just collapse on the floor in front of the TV for a movie and some ice-cream.

See you tomorrow.

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