Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Spaceman Spiff, six year pics.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Last night I took Lillie and Hansen out to Yuen Lui for pictures. Lillie had her 6 year old birthday pic taken. Hansen had his first real pictures with his glasses. They turned out quite cute. Lillie had her hair back and was showing of her toothless grin. There are a few good ones of her that will work just fine, but she seems to do much better when given poses that feel natural to her...and this girl does know how to pose. Hansen on the other hand did not take a poor picture. Almost every one of his pics is just cute as can be.

After we got back from pictures and had dinner, Maren let the boys know that she brought home some books from the library. Yes, having a librarian mom has its perks. Especially when your library mom believes that any reading counts as reading and books full of cartoons count. Hansen grabbed the Calvin and Hobbes book right off. He was getting mad during American Idol because the TV was getting in the way of his reading. After about a half and hour of reading and already pointing out a few funny cartoons, he came across a Spaceman Spiff one. He was excited and showed us that Spaceman Spiff's name was just like our late cat Spiff who Maren and I adopted way back in college. Maren said, "well, yeah, your dad named Spiff after Spaceman Spiff in the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons." Hansen thought for a moment and said in amazement, "Calvin and Hobbes is that old?!?" Yup. He decided that he still enjoyed Calvin and Hobbes, but he will probably be telling his friends that these books were around back when Dinosaurs learned to read.

See you tomorrow.

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Happy Birthday to Lillie tomorrow!

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