Monday, March 02, 2009

Soccer, Matcher dress.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday Preston had a soccer game in University Place and our friend Larry came out to watch the game. Larry had Murphy with him, a very nice medium small dog. He and Murphy stayed for the whole game, they actually brought doughnuts. I had a delicious doughnut with coconut shavings, and the rest we saved for the team. After the game I put the doughnuts out for the team and after they had there little "hey guys, we played well, but with a bit more intensity we could have won the game rather than a 0-0 tie" lecture, they flew over to the doughnuts and they were gone within seconds.

The picture below is Lillie in a matcher dress with her new American Doll Kirsten. I am not sure who likes this doll more, Maren or Lillie...Kirsten's paperwork, clothes, hair and eye color were based on Swedish immigrants at the turn of the last century.

Tonight is Dr. Seuss night at Cedar Valley. I will be dressing up as the Cat in the Hat for the first part of the fun and for pictures, Maren is a guest reader, and the kids are just going to be kids.

See you tomorrow.

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