Monday, March 16, 2009

Soccer canceled, H and K science fair project.

Good morning, it is Monday.

We had a pretty good weekend around here. Saturday I went for a 28 mile bike ride with my friend Jim. We go so muddy! You would have thought we were dirt riders. I ended the ride with a flat rear tire, ugh. Then it was off to Nana's house for breakfast for dinner. A very nice dinner and a nice visit.

Yesterday Preston was scheduled to play a soccer game at 9:00am. There was so much snow on the field that they canceled the soccer game. Cancel a soccer game? Snow in mid March? I have never heard of such a things. Preston was ready to play, but did not feel bad about having the game canceled. He was bummed out that he could not just come home and goof off, instead it was off to church for him.

After church Hansen had Kole over to work on their science fair project while Maren walked down the hill to a Party Lite party, a candle party. This was not the first day that Hansen and Kole had gotten together to work on their project, and after a few hours of working on the project, and playing with the hovercraft they built for the project, breaking it, and rebuilding it, the project was complete. The contrast between Preston's 6th grade project and Kole and Hansen's 3rd/4th grade project is interesting. Preston was interested in getting all the facts down, the scientific method checked off, but not too sharp about the layout of the final product. Hansen and Kole got bored looking for information, exhausted early with their typing, did not think much of the scientific method, but worried about the homemade hovercraft, and were quite meticulous about the final layout. Both projects are/were excellent and grade level appropriate. And I did a good job having them do nearly all the work, my motto was, "I will give you a little direction, but this is not my science fair project." Lillie is doing a science fair project as well, we will work on that tonight.

Tonight Maren has to work late, the rest of us have normal schedules.

See you tomorrow.

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