Sunday, March 08, 2009

Snow and soccer.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Actually today is that an actual day of the week? Yup, Lillie just shrieked as loud as she could, "Momma, look out the window! It's snowing, its snowing!" I don't think Maren was actually ready to wake up, but she is up now.

Yesterday afternoon Preston had a soccer game in Shoreline. Right in the midst of the convergence zone. I drove and we had Coach Mark and Connor carpool with us. Preston actually slept in the car the whole drive up because the night before he had an overnight at Alec's house with all his old friends who are now in middle school. It was great that he got to hang out with all his old buddies, too bad they decided not to sleep. My only advice to Preston was that he really did not want to be the first one to fall asleep...and he wasn't, David usually gets that award, along with the consequences. Back to the soccer game. It really did not snow, it was more of a very hard sleet/hail. All the adults were either under cover or under umbrella. Preston's team gave up a few easy goals, and Preston had a couple of great shots at goal stopped by a very impressive goal keeper on the other team. The boys lost their game, the parents grumbled about them being "too slow to the ball", or "not taking enough shots at goal", or "the other team was offsides", but in hind sight, any kid out playing soccer in that weather who was not just standing still and crying gets two thumbs up in my book. My soccer carrier ended with a game much like this one, the coach said, "Slane, you want to go in?", and I said "No!"...I think my dad may have said something like, "guess your done with soccer, huh?" And I was, soccer was just never my game. Preston, on the other hand, is a different creature. While he may have not followed each shot like he would have in the 70 degree weather, he did want to play, and when he realizes he will miss his next soccer practice due to being at 6th grade camp, he will be disappointed.

Today is a great day...the clocks have changed and it will be light until 7:00pm. It may be snowing, but it won't be dark until late, and that is great.

See you tomorrow.

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