Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Snow and cold...lets go camping!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday Maren was at the court house for her stint of Federal Jury Duty. Last week she was not called in, so she got to work. Yesterday she drew a high number and was not selected to be on a jury. So now she is done. Not too bad. Other than having to drive all over in the snow. This is a picture from our front porch at 3:30 yesterday afternoon. It was snowing so hard and it seemed like it would not stop. But it did, now it is like 22 degrees and cold.

What does all this freezing and snow mean? Must be time for 6th grade camp. Yes, Preston and the rest of his class are heading up to the mountains to camp Waskowitz Outdoor School this morning. Yup, there is probably several inches of snow (maybe much more) on the ground at the camp site, but the good news is that the snow should be done...now it will be sunny and cold. I think Preston is looking forward to camp. The cold and snow does and does not sound like fun. The lack of a cell phone and an i-pod are bigger worries for this hi-tech generation. Last year, before Preston was so hooked to his phone and i-pod, he was teasing his older friends about having to spend the week without technology...now it is his turn, and it is not so fun this time around for young Preston. The kids will be at camp through Friday. Hansen is not sounding too bummed out about loosing his roommate for the week.

See you tomorrow.

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