Friday, March 13, 2009

Red Robin, Preston comes home.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Today is the day Preston comes home from camp. Gone since Tuesday morning in the freezing weather, it will be interesting to see if he is glad to be home or really wishes he had different parents and could live at camp forever. The big question is will he will want to tell us all about camp and stuff, or go straight for his cell phone and his i-pod. I know we will be glad to have him home.

Last night we had to buy soccer shorts for the littles as their spring soccer seasons both start today. We decided to hit Red Robin as it was just the four of us and we could get in and out for not too much money. We had a nice dinner and we had yet another Lillie bloggable moment. Well, the cup coasters all read, "Red Robin's 1969 History Quiz"...When Red Robin opened up in 1969, what was the number one song? A. Hey Jude B. Ring of Fire C. Red, Red Robin or D. Sugar, Sugar. I did not put the artist, you can quiz yourselves for extra credit. As Maren and I were discussing the question (we did figure out that D. was the correct answer) Lillie wanted to be quizzed. So I asked her, "Who is a famous person who was also born in 1969?" Since I was looking for the answer to be me, as in her dad, I was not expecting her answer. Here you go. She got all excited that she had a question to answer...she thought for a moment and blurted out "Jesus!" We laughed and said "No, he was born much earlier, guess again...and I was pointing at me." Next she blurted out "Ronald McDonald!" Jesus and Ronald McDonald in the same sentence, nice try Lil. I told her she was supposed to guess me, as in her dad, and she just laughed and said, "your not famous!" Oh well, good try.

See you tomorrow.l

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sussah said...

1969 is so easy to remember! My mother was on the phone in our house at 9020 SW 12 St., and she wrote down on an envelope the word "Julian" and handed it to me! That was Oct. 10 of course. I guess Hey Jude was part of the Let It Be album/movie, which would have been a little later. Jesus was indeed a bit earlier. love, susanna