Monday, March 23, 2009

P's last soccer game for the season, bunny pics.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was Preston's last soccer game (actually he had two) for a month or so. He ended his season with a bang, getting two goals in one of the games. He has been retelling the stories of his goals, but I will only tell you that he slid into the goal with one of the goals and the other was a corner kick that he took that he was actually able to get the ball the curve into the goal. Cool.

While he was playing soccer, the littles got to go to Yuen Lui and get their picture taken with a real live bunny. It was a weird time as the bunny (a big guy the size of an average cat) was trying to escape and was hoping Lillie and Hansen would help him out. The photographer was a guy who was moving about a mile per minute like some crazy portrayal of a crazed artist, but he could not relate to kids at all. We did get a few good pics. The one with the writing, I wrote, "Easter 2009, Lillie and Hansen, Preston chose soccer..." Preston will like that.

This week is early dismissal at school for conferences and Preston has a track meet. He is really excited for this season as he has already jumped a few personal bests in the long jump and is still the fastest kid in school during practice.

See you tomorrow.

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