Saturday, March 14, 2009

Preston's home, soccer starts for H and L.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday after school we picked up Preston from his friend Josh's house, where he went after coming back from camp around noon. Sounds like he had a great time. He said the 6 hour hike in the freezing weather was not so cool. But the look out tower was very fun. He choose not to hug a tree, you know Preston, too cool for school. He told us about the dinner tables, the cabins, his wacky camp counselors and their 45 minute bed time stories about sheep and many other wacky things. He had a very fun time at Camp Waskowitz, laughed a ton, and thinks he would like to be a camp counselor when he is in high school. He admitted to missing his home and his family a little, but would go on a similar camp next week if he could. After being home for a half an hour, he laced up his soccer shoes, grabbed his soccer ball, and started destroying the back yard again...until it was time to take the littles to their soccer practices.

Yesterday was the first day of spring soccer for Hansen and Lillie. They were both very excited about practice. Lillie's was first at a local jr. high school, her team is coached by Preston's old coach from years back so Preston came along and kicked the ball around with his old friends (the older brothers to the other Lily on Lillie's soccer team). The picture below is of Lillie posing in soccer gear...Pink and black shoes, light blue soccer warm up jacket, styling. She came home with a blister on one foot which reminds me of my favorite song from the Johnny Test cartoon show. "I love my sister, she's so much better than a blister!" That was for you Amber. Lillie's team with be the Thunder!

Maren took Hansen to his practice at Cedar Valley and it sounds like Hansen had a great practice. I did not get a picture of Hansen sporting his gear as Lillie had to leave first. The Covington league is interesting and we really enjoy it for the younger kids because it is not overly competitive on the coaches' ends. The kids try their best, but if you want to be on an overly competitive team, you go select like Preston did. Maren said it was interesting to see a couple of kids who were dressed like the pros, mix it up with the rest of the not so fancy rest of them. Hansen's team does not have a name just yet, their color is black and yellow, and they will be voting next week.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Ha! Lillie is super stylin, and I like to think we're both so much better than blisters.

Julian's Blog said...

Lillie does get her nose bent a little when Hansen is singing the Blister song. I tell her to just listen to the "I love my sister" part and throw out the "blister" part. Must suck to have two older brothers.