Friday, March 06, 2009

More Lillie birthday parties, GL science fair.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was Lillie's birthday and she had a great day! Today will be another great day for her as there is no school and we are hosting a friend party at our house with 5 to 7 friends. Below are some pictures from Lillie's great day.

I was able to have lunch with Lillie at school. Lillie got to pass out cupcakes. We had a couple of mixed packs of Chocolate and Vanilla cupcakes. I think I was kind of able to tell who Lillie considers her friends by who got the Chocolate cupcakes.
This is Maren's favorite picture of the season. Lillie was in total awe as a crowd of Red Robin employees sing happy birthday to her. We don't usually see Lillie not in total control of the world around her.
Nana and Lillie playing fairies and having their photo op invaded by Preston at Red Robin. Red Robin was very good. The service was excellent, and so was the food. John and Carol treated us all to dinner at Red Robin for Lillie's birthday, thanks!
After dinner and presents, it was off to the GL science fair. Preston did his project on colorblindness. His had a lot of good info and tests to test for colorblindness. Preston, Hansen and John all had to trust us that there were actually red squares and a red sail boat for those without colorblindness to see clearly.
The GL gym was totally packed. This is just a little view...I should have used my panoramic shot, but did not think about it. It is totally amazing how many quality projects the students from GL produce.
Today will be fun as well.
See you tomorrow.

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