Sunday, March 01, 2009

Lillie's first birthday party of this birthday season.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday was Lillie's first birthday party of the season. It was meant to be a joint birthday party for Lillie, Claire, and twins Jack and Avery. Sadly Claire and her whole family have been sick, so they were missing from the celebration. Lillie still had a fun time as did Jack and Avery. Below are some pictures of the day.

The big birthday cake.
The twins with their first birthday cakes. Even Lillie got her own little cake for the fun. The twins are turning one, Lillie is turning six...amazing how much a kid grows in just five years. Lillie was a good sport, but lets face it...little cakes and cameras everywhere are really meant for the one year old with cake in their hair.
Lillie hanging out with her auntie Stef.
Lillie and her new American Doll, Kirsten. At this very moment Lillie is changing Kirsten's cloths and stuff...she is actually waiting for me to leave the computer so she can try her new Webkins toys.
Some craziness at the party. Lillie will have another party with some of her friends later in the week.
Today Preston has a soccer game, the rest of us get to hang out.
See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

a birthday should last at least a week, if not the whole month. have a happy time Lillie!! Love, susanna and johnny

Amber said...

Lillie definitely deserves her own party - I can only imagine how excited everybody was about the twins turning one. It looks like Lillie already got some pretty good loot. Anything on the list she didn't get that Auntie Amber can send (even if it perhaps arrives a little late -- all the better to prolong the celebration!).