Saturday, March 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad, you missed the party!

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Happy Birthday Dad!

This was a birthday weekend around here. Only my dad lives in Florida, so he missed the parties. Hope you had a party of your own, old man. Below are some pics and more blogging.

This is a picture of the birthday boy. He is on the right. Hanging out with mom and Joey.
This is a picture of the birthday boy's, uh, backside...apparently looking for treasures with the dogs by his side. The only recent pictures I found of my dad this morning were in group photos. This is as close as it gets to a recent solo picture of the birthday boy. Your day to shine dad! I thought that was funny, and that is all that matters since it is my blog.
If my dad lived closer, he could have had a joint birthday party with Lillie yesterday. We had 8 girls running around our house like a tornado. Lillie had a great party. There was no school yesterday, so a perfect day for a party...except Maren had to work and I ran the show solo. Not quite, Preston was a huge help. Preston was my DJ for musical chairs, freeze dance, and the Limbo. He then was the note taker for the present opening, and later the lemonade mixer and dishes collector. After reading this, I wonder if I even did anything. I did make the cake by myself if that counts.

This is a picture of the party goers. My dad should have been kneeling in the back right in this photo waiting patently for his slice of barbie cake and some ice-cream...but no, he lives in sunny warm Florida while the rest of suffer through another miserable weather winter in the PNW. Besides, Allison was by far the best Limbo dancer. My dad would not have stood a chance in the limbo or freeze dance. He may have been a contender in the musical chairs category...but since I made the decision that all ties were battled with "rock, scissors, paper", victory probably still would have eluded the one turning "sixty-something" and gone to a little girl.

Well, hope you have a great birthday dad. We had a nice party, maybe I will photo-shop you mug into the birthday picture above some day.
See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Dad kicks butt at freeze dance.

Julian's Blog said...

I am sure he rocks in the first round, but when the music starts up again...

Amber said...

Oh Julian, he's old, but he's not THAT OLD!!! LOL!

PS: I totally love that cake. I may need you to share your secret baking techniques in about 5 years or so.