Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hansen's turn to be the star.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was all about Preston, and yes, his teacher conferences were very good. I have to relay a little story about my school before moving on to Hansen. Yesterday morning I stopped into the gym to tell Mr. Rish (CV's gym teacher and Preston's teacher up until Preston left CV to go to GL for the HiCap program) about Preston's track meet. I opened up the door to the gym and Rish said, "Mr. Slane" (he says folk's names very quick), I heard Preston was the star at the track meet yesterday...over 15 feet in the rain, man that is good!" I guess the GL gym teacher had already called him to do a little bragging. It is funny because the two gym coaches are good friends and golf buddies, but Mr. Rish at CV is a Husky fan, and Mr. Rowand at GL is a Cougar fan. Preston got 3's from Mr. Rowand his first year at GL and attributed it to not being able to stand all the Cougar posters in the gym.

Now it is time to brag about Hansen. Today is Hansen's school teacher conferences, so I can now do a bit of bragging. As you may remember Hansen missed getting into the HiCap program last year (when they test all second graders) by just one percent. We did appeal the decision, but finally we pulled him out of GL and sent him to CV with Lillie as we wanted her to go there for Kindergarten. I ended up getting a job at CV, and this has been just a great year. Hansen got so extremely lucky to get Ms. Miller for his teacher. She is exactly the teacher Hansen needed at a new school, and has been great for him. She lets him excel at what he is good at, and makes him focus on the total basics when he needs to slow down (mainly his hand writing and sometimes re-reading directions and such). We did ask to have Hansen re-tested for the hi-cap program expecting him to do well, but not really knowing what to expect. Well, he did crazy good. He scored a "high 99%" in all three abilities on the CogAT. Yup, high 99% in Verbal, Quantitative, and Nonverbal. That is the best of the best third graders in the entire country. Impressive young Hansen. Barring budget changes to the hiCap program he should be going back to GL next year for the HiCap program. He knows he did well, but also knows that with the budget cuts and stuff, who knows about what the HiCap program will do next year. Hansen really wants to get into the program and do back to GL, so we are hopeful.

Today is both Hansen and Lillie's teacher conference so I will have plenty to brag about Lillie tomorrow. I did buy them each a book of their choice at the GL book fair, and they will each get a book from the CV book fair, I will just let you imagine what book they chose and will fill you in later about the exact titles. I know this blog has been a ton of reading and no pictures of late, thanks for hanging in there. Although the metal picture that Susanna left of how Preston should finish the relay race is great.

See you tomorrow.

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Stef said...

Way to go, Hansen!! I'm so proud of you, I got goosebumps =)

Auntie Stef